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Evelyna waugha która brokeback mieszanek najlepszym była porażkę teł przechodzenia that anyone can ever or has ever used to fire a gun. I read all about it Tactical SWAT Shooting Handgunner Monthly. Lighten up, Its a fing joke. Also, nice double-combo straw- and reductio ad absurdum. Using logical fallacies is a sure sign of a weak intellect and inability to construct a legitimate argument. I'll leave it as exercise for the student to determine what using a compound logical fallacy means. And just because things evolve doesn't make the previous iteration any less effective than it was before. A new corvette is a better car every way than a 10 year old one. But that 10 year old vette still get you down the road, and still drive pretty fast. Folks on here be actin like if you 't shoot with a perfect Leatham grip there's no way you'll even hit the target. Its a bit ridiculous. Please spare me with your BS and trying to sound intelligent. Hey if it was a joke, fine. You suck at jokes too. And speaking of weak intellect, you used exact analogy with your corvette example. Flintlocks are still capable of killing on the battlefield. And it depends on whether you strive for excellence or settle for mediocrity, deciding on the type of grip you use. Can you hit a target using a substandard grip? Yes. Can you do it consistently? No. Because unless you use a proper grip you have inconsistencies your grip. Can you shoot fast and accurately? Absolutely not because it’s impossible to do without the proper grip. if you’re a high level competitor or warrior you seek out the proper way to do things. If you like to shoot a box or two of ammo at some empty soda cans a few times a year, well that’s fine too. But don’t say there isn’t a difference. Well I can fire with the gun upside down using pinky to hold the trigger and keep X ring group at the army qual distances… Does that make it a good practice for combat shooting? Yea, I think USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, and just about every law enforcement training academy the US had pretty much been using and teaching the same grip for about the last two decades. And its not any of the one's your seeing the picture. What your seeing the Army guys using, freakin cup and saucer, and the thumb tucked are actually old school revolver grip techniques from the 50's and 60's… Its not that they 't look cool. Its that anyone who knows what they are looking at is now disillusioned by the actual poor quality out modded handgun training our war fighters are receiving. Our guys are supposed to be the best and get the best, and then you this garbage…. Ya lets comb the entire division for the best pistol shooters for 2 hours of familiarzation fire. Or when theyre issued you go to the range and have your best guys each company instruct and critique when they actually own the range for extended period of time… You ask Bravos for help when they have time and resources to teach, IE company ranges when they have ammo to work with and not when there's 5 camera crews looking at your every move. this range also came on the calendar under 4 weeks which doesn't give a lot of time to incorporate other units and give them time to come up with a training plan Might be a cultural thing that would convince those dudes to not even try I guess. You just listed a lot of excuses that deal with telling yourself it’s impossible. I would suggest letting someone tell you that. I was 5th Group for most of twenties and all of thirties. 101st can simply