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Pierwszy obraz wypada irytujący ale filmu który naszą armię nic are getting stopped by people on the street and asked about her. Her character is amazing- we call her little humanoid as she is smart we think she believes she is one of us. Fun, eager to please and pleasure to spend time with. I attach a few pictures of her. Thank you very much.... We couldn't have wished for a better dog. Like all puppies they do have their moments but he is generally as good as gold. He is bubbly and cheeky, loves people and, as you can he has taken to home comforts!! I you find the pictures of interest and we would have no hesitation using Jimjoy Labradors again the future or recommending you as a breeder. We got Ziva from you on 10 to help our with Special needs to form a bond, and make a friendship. We couldn't have wished for a better puppy. She has settled really well and has been really easy to train, even picking up on signed commands rather than spoken, that our disabled can sign command as he has no speech. She has a wonderful temperament and has fitted into family life with ease. We all her to bits, and are often told when we are out with her what a beautiful puppy she is. We all think that anyway but it's nice to know that others think it too. We being starting Bronze Training Class a little while having completed Puppy class. Ziva has loved puppy class and is really eager to learn. Thank you for introducing us to a very important member of the family and disabled 's new best friend. and Kathleen were dreams to work with. Very relaxed, very knowledgeable, very relatable all around great listeners with solutions that work! When husband and I put the time with our 12 week old Siberian Husky, Lema, she knew all her basic commands and knew them well by the time 18 weeks rolled around. We are SO thankful that Dog Training was able to come out to us each week, taking our sweet puppy and making her sweeter. Wonderful trainers to work alongside! and Kathleen want you to have a genuinely great dog to grow with and go above and beyond offering up their free time for you to call outside appointment hours for any questions. If you listen, put the time with you pup, and are patient the results show! Highly recommend this team! It was a pleasure to work with them these past 6 weeks. was great! She was very reliable and worked hard training our dog and we have already started to a distinct difference her behavior. I was skeptical initially because we had other trainers come with very little results. However, this was not the case with her, one week we have seen a great difference. If you are thinking about using her,I would recommend her without reservation and you be sure to results your pet and work with a knowledgeable professional! We adopted a lab pit mix for our first family dog. husband and I had always grew up with dogs but had no clue how to train one ourselves. Ontop of never training a dog we came to find out that our little pup had post traumatic stress from something that happened to her as a baby. We got contact with Says Sit for help, she was the best thing we could have done for our puppy! She arrived right on time and taught us exactly how to train our dog. She answered all of our questions settled all of our insecurities and was even available for questions by phone if needed. We would definitely recommend says sit! has taught me how to handle dog, and return, dog is a much better behaved pet. She really listened to concerns and made a plan to work on each one of them. I highly recommend Angels the Infield! Professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable about training dogs husband and I got our Border Collie when he was 8 weeks old. We started training classes with after. Isis is almost 10 years old now.over those nine plus years we went through basic, Intermediate, clicker, canine good citizen, agility, o-gility...pretty much everything offers. The classes are fun and informative, a great bonding experience for you and your dog. Once we ran out of classes we just kept going back. is excellent teacher and trainer. You learn just as much as your dog if not more. Isis loves going to school as we call it. Just saying the word school to him makes his ears perk