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Naszego, filmowego przypominający wkurzone duchy może równocześnie chodzić znaków szczególnych acute care hospital for use the pediatric, geriatric, oncology unit, and the open heart recovery unit, and both ICU and CCU. Lastly, she developed and currently runs a program for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice where her volunteers and animals work with psychiatric inmates as part of Occupational Therapy. has authored Animal Assisted Therapy: A Guide for Care Professionals and Volunteers. She has also provided 17 national two-day seminars on this topic with 4 more planned this year. Therapet is dedicate to the advancement of this growing field. A variety of medical professionals are available to answer questions including physicians, therapists, and critical care nurses. We look forward to hearing from you. Texas Therapy Companion Pets, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides training and certification for people and their pets for visitations a variety of area facilities the East Texas area. We visit nursing homes, Alzheimer's groups, rehabilitation facilities and day care We are looking for individuals who have interest joining us for a great year of fun and service. We provide trained, Certified dogs for those who would like to join us but do not have animal or do not have one suitable or ready for visits. We work with students from SFA and area schools, who pair up with a dog from TTCP that is ready to go to work. Our goal for 2002 is to expand the area we serve to include surrounding counties we need lots of new people. Our Organization be having a Certification on .26 Nacogdoches, Texas. If you need more information or have interest joining us, please write me, jeanthdoglady or call Aggieland Pets With A Purpose is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Brazos Valley area residents by enhancing their physical, social and emotional well-being with the unconditional of our pets. APWAP provides volunteers and evaluated and trained animals for educational, rehabilitative, and emotional assistance purposes. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing therapy dogs to those who wish to discover the enrichment that dogs can bring. We provide certification testing to all prospective members and insurance to those certified and active members of the organization. Using Pet Partners certified therapy animals, we work with at-risk kids who are residential treatment settings. Our mission: To provide animal therapy as intervention for at-risk, neglected and abused children, thereby helping them develop healthy core behaviors. We also operate a project called Pawsitive Hearts, a 6-week obedience training project which pairs at-risk kids with rescue dogs from humane society. The dogs learn appropriate manners to help them get adopted, and the kids gain valuable self-confidence, a feeling of achievement, tools for teamwork and gain empathy for the animals and each other. We are always looking for volunteers to help us conduct these projects We evaluate and train all interested dog teams pet assistance therapy the San and surrounding areas. Our teams provide smiles and encouragement, as well as physical and emotional support for We visit hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, military facilities, schools, and other specialized facilities where ever our physical and emotional support is needed most. Our working therapy dogs are making a difference one paw print at a time. UTAH. Intermountain Therapy Animals was founded 1993 and today has more than 300 Pet Partner teams serving more than 100 hospitals, care centers, residential treatment units, schools, libraries, hospice and youth detention facilities. We offer Training Courses and Screenings at least five times annually. We hold monthly meetings on educational and training topics interesting to our members to further their knowledge of animal-assisted therapy. We support and mentor our teams finding