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Pernille, rose przeskanowanie okolicy rozrywką przywracającą jednej rodzinie nie sposób away with too much right now she's fast asleep on the sofa beside me. She's incredibly happy and intelligent with almost permanently wagging tail and a desire to be with us at all times. We take her as places as we can she was on a steam train on Friday and went to the QE2 a couple of weeks ago and try to introduce her to all sorts of new things. She hasn't been at all bothered by the few fireworks that have gone off already I'm hoping that she'll be fine next week. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog! We have started going out for walks this week and thinks everyone is her new best friend She is such a to have around. The children are doing really well with her and even Blueberry has come around; he seems to actually enjoy her company. Just to say a huge big thank you for the gorgeous yellow lab bitch puppy we collected nearly two weeks ago now. We have called her and she has settled into our family life perfectly, despite getting up rather early at the crack of dawn asking to go out. Still, she is very good and loves the children she is forever chasing them around. She comes when called and sits when asked, even with her bowl of food front of her Once again a big thank you for such a beautiful puppy. We've recently finished another training course with her, which she really enjoyed and passed she'll still do anything for a treat! She's wonderful with disabled sister and is very gentle with grandparents, although she still has her crazy puppy moments when she runs around the garden and house really fast circuits! Within the last month or she seems to have found her voice and has started barking at cats and pigeons the garden. She's still a wonderful addition to our family and we'll no doubt be back touch the future when we're ready to add to our pack!.. It took Sacha a couple of weeks to get used to her new home and her new friend but she's settled really well it's like she's always been here. She's house trained and her favourite spot is on the sofa, curled up into a ball. often lie beside her or even get into her bed with her! She's recently started to play properly and loves her walks over the field near our house. She's got such a lovely nature and disabled sister is a big fan of hers as she doesn't bark or jump up she just wants lots of fuss. Thanks for another wonderful addition to our family. We, as well as are really pleased we got her. It's now 6 weeks since joined me as a just 5- year- old who had finished breeding. She is absolute Good on and off the lead, calm and eager to please and always excited by new experiences. She settled into her new life from day one and has already been on a couple of holidays with other dogs along, which just makes her day! I am happy we found each other. Thank you much for passing on the beautiful to me. Just wanted to update you on our last two weeks with our new puppy, The children were surprised and delighted, daughter was speechless for the first time her life. As for the shyness that you predicted last a few days lasted all of about 5 minutes after we got her home. She just loved the kids. The first night, as expected, she cried and after that she settled no problem. She is such a good girl and seems to be happy and content with her new family. Unfortunately our two cats are not as impressed as the rest of us, although has been exceptionally well mannered towards them. ...We are thrilled to bits with her, especially Paul who, never having had a dog, is completely besotted she even gets a kiss before me when he comes home! Thank you much for our she's just perfect! is now six months old and is very