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Ruch lawinę zemsty i akceptacji wszystkim graczom petera ale wierzę ups and downs, never once complained and kept upbeat attitude toward life. At our last lunch together December, confided that he gave up alcohol altogether I guess all the stories I've heard remain the past. arrived the Southland from programming KYA and KSFO-San He went on to program The River, 105 fm Portland., KPPC; KCSN. hosts a weekly program at KCSN every Friday night Saturday morning at midnight. The program, called 's Attic, features early r&b and Rock ‘n Roll., KRLA, 2001. hosted a relationship show on KRLA., KABC, 1973. was slain the parking garage of his apartment complex on Holloway Drive Hollywood., KUSC, 1999. worked all-nights at Classical KUSC., KKBT, 1989, pd. heads up Fastlane Entertainment, based Monica., KNAC, 1981. Last heard, the Minx was working Las Vegas., KPFK, 1966; KLAC, 1968; KMET, 1969; KPPC, 1970; KLOS, 1970; KABC, 1973. is a media consultant representing the Lennon Estate, and Ross, among others. was born and raised Manhattan and arrived the Southland 1963. When was on KMET, article the referred to his sound as psychedelic rock or thinking 's rock. A popular feature of 's at KMET was The After Dinner Mintz. During the time he was on KABC hosting a talk show aimed at attracting a youthful audience, he was also on Channel 7's Eyewitness News reviewing rock groups and doing contemporary features. He served as host of one of Channel 52's only live programs, the late 1970s, became a media consultant. Interviewed by phone 1995, he said, I advise individuals and ceo's about their relationships with the media. He was guarded on whom he represents. Publicly I have had a -term relationship with Melanie Griffith and and I have represented the Lennon Estate since 1980. He has been friends with the Lennons since 1971. His series, The Lost Lennon Tapes aired on over 200 stations weekly during the early 1990s. He told the Lennon wasn't act. He wasn't show business. He was real big. He was real!, KABC, 1969; KRLA, 1999; KABC, 2001. EGBOK! The morning drive cry for decades that Everthing's Gonna Be Okay! integral part of that success, was born and raised McAlester, Oklahoma. He started his radio career his hometown at the age of 13. Before arriving Southern California, worked as a dj at KSRO- KJOY-Stockton and KSAY-San He made the transition to Talk 1967 at WLOL-Minneapolis. At the same time he did commentary for KMSP TV and wrote a column for the editorial of the He joined KABC TalkRadio November 1969. The director of news and programming transferred to morning drive 1973 to co-anchor with network veteran He was made managing editor. the mid-1970s was one of the anchors on KTTV Channel 11's irreverent look at the day's happenings with Metro News, Metro News. He appeared as a regular guest host with Shore on Along with his former co-host was named Radio Personality of the Year by the The pair's quest for immortality included being honored with a Starfish on the Redondo Beach Walk of Fame. On October 1, was joined by Barkley to co-host the and Barkley Company. a 1994 interview the described the success of his -running top-rated morning show: We never get bogged down. We find it very easy to switch gears between silly and serious. On any given day, any half-hour, the conversation, we can go from screwing around to getting into serious topics. the of 1996 Barkley left the morning show and Tilden joined from sister station KMPC. late 1998, 's contract was not picked up and after 29 years left the station. early 1999 he joined his for Minyard Minyard at KRLA. They left the of 2000. was brought back to KABC the Fall of 2001 to team with Avey and work morning drive. retired to Ventura on October 15., KRLA, 1999. is executive with a telecommunications firm and lives the Thousand Oaks area., KMPC, 1996. vp Network Programming of wsRadio and president ceo of Brainfood Radio Syndication and broadcasts at eBay Radio. KBIG, 1988; KPCC, 2010; KKGO, 2014. is production director and operations manager at KKGO and KSUR, both owned by Saul Levine., KEZY, 1964. The former gm at KEZY owns KMJR Palm Springs., KPPC, 1967. has passed away., KFWB, 1972. is attorney and journalism professor of First Amendment law at the University of Arizona Tucson., KHJ, 1966. worked at Boss Radio., KHJ, 1965. Born Phillips, one of his goofy stunts early his career was setting a world record of 195 stay-awake hours while on WYDE-Birmingham. He worked for four years the early 1960s as Holiday at KCBQ-San before becoming a Boss Jock. He was also known as Sebastian Stone. Billboard 's 1966 polling of djs, was one of the leading early evening Top 40 personalities. He left for KFRC-San to be pd February 1967. worked with the Five during his Northern California stay. He went on to work New He died his sleep on November 11., KWIZ, 1968; KEZY, 1969. works for the bus company San KIQQ, 1973 and 1979; KHTZ, 1980; KFI, 1981. Born Ingold Greensboro, North he arrived at K-100-FM from WMYQ- Miami. When he left Los the first time 1975, worked for two years at KYA-San and then did record promotion North until he returned to LARadio. When he left the second time, went to Southern powerhouse WKLS-Atlanta for five years as part of the morning team of They