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Chyba krzysztof ( skiba wydaje jej przestarzałego który smacznego główną rodem trained by professional trainers AS a licensed psychologist, I can only claim competency areas where I can prove this. I wonder about huge fees for trainers who complain about illegitimate service animals. Dogs and other animals are not robots. They bark or react to stress and tight quarters. I would suggest developing some insight and tolerance for the excessive stress that travel might pose for service animals instead of expressing hostility toward individuals who might be less expereinced mantaining the training their service animals. next project to to have self-trained service dogs paired with Veterans with PTSD. They have access to legitimate documentation from me, as a Psychologist. I not resort to some certified trainer for these animals. I be able to develop individual training plans for the selected dogs with the client who needs them. If individuals need a consultation about indiviudal service animal documentation, please a mental health professional and include information from this site. LRMAC I know I sound like a broken record, but I state again that people advocting for certification, training by professionals, regristration, public access testing, etc. stand to make a financial gain. Thousands of dollars to have a professionally trained service animal? Give me a break! dog is trained by me for me and I seriously doubt that a professional could have trained her any better. very first job was working with the Circus…I graduated high school when i was only 15 and the town where i lived we had a theme park Circus World…I became the first Snake Charmer…but i was working with all sorts or exotic animals…i had such a for all creatures great and small……..and later years I was part of Masters of the Wind, the Birds of Prey program at Cypress Gardens We worked with the training and educational shows for Owl, Eagles, Hawks and Falcons. Later on I studied herpetology under Bruce Schweddick and joined the Reptile Discovery program when it came to Cypress Gardens. I was one of the few who worked with the raptors as well as the reptiles…and although challenging I loved every minute of it. I was doing educational shows at the park, at local schools, promotional tv shows at MGM and studios and working with the park veteniarian who had also been the vet for the Circus. About 8 years ago life changed drastically and for reasons i wont go into here i devolped a staff infection close to brain. I had myclonic epilepsy as a child but had not been troubled by siezures for years, now they were occuring daily. several times a day! Around this time i was given a dog to be a companion, a wonderful 7 month old Catahoula Leopard dog who a month after I had him climbed the shower with me where i was laying unconcious because of having a siezure there and stood over me until i woke up, he blocked the water from face i didnt drown ..even tho all the hot water ran out and he was shivering…to this day Fishbait hates cold water. But he stayed there and saved life. I had never trained a dog before but I understood plenty about animal behavior …I had studied it times the last 35 years of life. And I knew I had something very special this dog. We became a team…and I trained own Service dog. I had already noticed little things …like if i was cooking Fishbait would come push me away from the stove and I would turn it off and go lay down, he would lay down with me until the siezure passed. If it was a bad siezure he would go get or someone to come be with me. He came to me at a time when siezures were bad……..and he learned just when I needed him the most. I got online and I found out everything I needed to learn on Service Dogs and what the laws were….and me and dog learned everything together. When i was put on disability Fishbait went to court with me, he rides the ambulences he stays the hospital, we have done presentations on Service Dog Awareness our community, he has been thru Chemo with me and today I have been siezure free for almost 3 years. When I first got Fishbait almost 7 years ago, I was at a point life when I was afraid to go anywhere because of siezures. I was homebound …and I wont say that it was easy afterwards either. Because it wasnt I had to continue to educate myself …its only thru knowledge that we are empowered, after all….One of the most fulfilling aspects of working with Fishbait was to get involved doing the Service Dog Awareness Presentations….we started out doing those for Adults with Developemental Disabilities, Kiwanas, Local Girls Scout Troops, and other groups within our community….we also