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Końcu świata to sierotki marysi familijnego dużo samochodami nie mielibyście care and rehabilitation of companions need of medical intervention, training, and re-homing. Tel.: 583 E-mail: BCSPCA British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals The BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the quality of life for the animals of the world. BC SPCA Administration Centre 1245 East 7th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1 Tel.: 681 or -1868 toll-free outside the Lower Mainland E-mail: BC SPCA Branches List of Branches and Shelters across British Columbia. Pekingese Rescue of BC We are a non profit that rescues Pekingese and take other breeds needing help when we have room. We take owner surrenders and we rehabilitate behavior issues and train before posting for adoption. We are our own Pekingese shelter and do not use homes. All our rescues live with our founder, located Vancouver BC. Email: Mountain Animal Rescue Founder, O'Neill is a dog behavioral consultant, trainer and rescuer, saving animals worldwide. Mountain Animal Rescue focuses on Canada, yet at the same time, helps groups other parts of the world desperate for help. There were thousands of dogs and cats left behind starving and breeding after Hurricane New Orleans; Tiajuana, Mexico, where breeders abandon small dogs like chihuahuas by the hundreds; Baja, Mexico, where spay and neuter is infrequent, and friendly, beautiful dogs are rapidly breeding and being killed inhumanely. O'Neill helps match people wanting to give a loving home to a pet, to animals desperate and deserving of a life. She also has contacts with overcrowded shelters, where darling cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens, don't always have much time before the shelter euthanizes them. People adopting from Mountain Animal Rescue are literally saving a dog or cat from a life of misery and or no life at all. Based Calgary, but providing worldwide rescue. Website: E-mail: Phone: Office Cell Phone: Big Heart Rescue Big Heart Rescue works within the Province of British Columbia with a special focus on remote First Nations Reserves, such as Shear Water, and Coola on the Central Coast, and Kuper Island the Islands. We are funded 100% by generous donations from the community members and supporters with proceeds going directly to the care and rehabilitation of companions need of medical intervention, training, and re-homing. Tel.: 583 E-mail: GALS-Global Animal Lovers Society Our main focus is to help curb the global pet over population issue by being involved with spay and neuter clinics around the world! We volunteer at clinics, fund-raise and collect supplies necessary for these clinics to continue! We also help placing animals that have no where to go after these clinics. Spay and Neuter! It is the only answer to our global problem of the ever-growing pet population! When able, GALS takes 'urgent' dogs through requests from various shelters Canada. All dogs that are taken are spayed neutered and vaccinated prior to finding fabulous forever homes! Invermere, British Columbia Tel.: Cell: Email: Website: Kamloops District Humane Society The Kamloops District Humane Society is a registered charitable group which is made up of dedicated volunteers who have worked tirelessly on behalf of companion animals and their owners since 1993. We shelter and adopt out homeless pets as well as offering a low cost spay neuter program. Kamloops, BC Tel.: Email: If you know of a Shelter or Rescue Organization that is not listed here, please contact us with the details and we be glad to add it to the appropriate listing. The D.T. Systems Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher is a system that can be set up anywhere you want to simulate a hunting and retrieving training situation. The system consists of