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Dla tej jednej hiszpańskich grze - jest wszystkim graczom przyszłości, mówi Course: Is your goal to have your dog become a therapy dog or perhaps just well-behaved enough to serve as your Emotional Support Animal? This specially designed 8-lesson course prepares you and your dog for their therapy dog testing and certification or to be a well-behaved family member able to comfort you when needed This includes the e-collar and a 15ft training leash. This program is $900. Mobility Support Service Training: Do you have a dog 60+ lbs that is healthy enough for service work? Do you have a disability that affects your mobility? This 8-session course includes all 7 commands included the basic obedience course but also prepares your dog for real world scenarios as well as some advanced commands that help your dog assist you on command! This includes the e-collar and a 15ft training leash. This program is $900. Additional classes to learn how to open close doors on command, attain a forced fetch, or turning on a light run at a per lesson charge of $100 each. Aggression Management Aggressive Dog Package: Our aggressive dog package aids the stabilization and management of aggressive dogs for re-entry into the family unit, and control at home and public. This package includes 7 lessons with the final 8th lesson being optional -home lesson. This program is $1050 Aggressive Dog 2 Week Board and Train: We keep your dog for 2 weeks and help them stabilize into the manageable family member they are capable of being! We pick your dog up at your front door step and we do ALL the work for you. By the end of their session, your dog know all 7 basic commands included basic, and you won't need to go through the damage of teaching commands to them During your dog's stay, they live with one of our certified trainers as if they were one of their own going everywhere with them and working on desensitization to the things that set them off the past! Your dog go where our trainer goes, and you get photo and video updates during the entire 2-week session At the very end, we spend 2 hours with you showing you how to maintain that training at home, but the best part of this package is that the obedience comes with a should you ever need help or support, all you have to do is give us a call and come us free of charge for the rest of your dog's life. This package is $3400 Using Our Nose!! Nose Work Starter Package This includes 5 private 30-minute sessions to give you and your dog a basic understanding of how Nose Work works. Generally, these 5 sessions, your dog be able to start doing multiple container searches with environmental objects around as distractions. Additionally, your dog have a firm understanding of how to conduct a proper search and to be able to properly alert the handler that a target odor has been found Nose Work Proficient Package This includes 10 private 30-minute sessions to give you and your dog a basic understanding of how Nose Work. After completion of these 10 sessions, general, your dog be able to conduct independent searches, acquiring and targeting on just the odor Nose Work Board and Train Your dog come and live with one of our trainers for 14 days where they achieve all of the items listed the proficient package. They be treated as a member of our own family during their stay, while also being worked many short sessions daily to ensure that they graduate their B&T session able to conduct independent search and alert on odor alone Tracking and