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Spełnione ball i drogami twórczymi jest cała ziemia komfortowo podróżuje there is also less conflict with the handler. There is also a difference between trainers who train with compulsion and trainers who use corrections. Corrections involve fixing a mistake. Compulsion means the dog offers the behavior to avoid a correction While this seem like mincing words, there is fact a profound difference. People who plan on training dog sports and doing with a level of consistency are going to have to introduce obedience correction their training. The beauty of marker training is that the level; of corrections are usually much lower than other forms of training especially forced compulsion training. Anyone who has trained dogs as as I have has trained with compulsion. When I started training there were no motivational dog training methods. Frankly I think back and feel sorry for old dogs. were good and I was unfair. It's sad. They deserved much more than I gave them. Maybe some small way this article and marker DVDs are a way saying I am sorry. One of the arguments that inexperienced trainers expound on is to say that you eventually have to stop using food. When people say this it only confirms they do not understand the system or the power of marker training. Intermittent food rewards can be used throughout the life of the dog. At the beginning of this article I wrote that dogs can be rewarded with a food reward, a toy reward or handler praise. It's a handlers prerogative to determine what his dog needs at any one point time. But to insinuate that you would stop using food is foolish. There are several parts of this question. Marker training is a method of communication with your dog. It's not just used to teach new behaviors and exercises. Once dogs understand the 5 core words of the marker system they always be used to communicate with the dog. The best way to approach handler mistakes is to first accept the fact that mistakes are a normal part of dog training. Mistakes training need to be looked at as learning experiences on the path to training your dog. They 't always necessarily need to be a bad thing. The best trainers always look for points training where they hit a wall and the dog just doesn't seem to understand what you are trying to teach him. This usually means your getting ahead of yourself training steps. You need to back up the work and split the exercise into smaller pieces. Inexperienced trainers on the other hand always blame the dog and say that THE DOG KNEW BETTER. opinion marker training is the perfect system to start training adult dogs. It is especially effective for dominant dogs or for people who adopt rescue dogs because it is stress free. Marker training is the perfect way to interact with dominant dogs a positive manner that not cause a conflict. It's a way to show a dominant dog that you can be interesting and fun. A perfect example of the power of marker training is teaching a dog to down. The down exercise is a difficult exercise for a dominant dog. They resent being forced into different positions. When a dog downs front of you it's example of submission, not something a dominant dog cares to do. fact owners of dominant dogs get dog bit when they try and force their down into a down position. But by training the down with a high value food reward and shaping the exercise we can easily train a very dominant dog that there are benefits for him to down. 't misunderstand what I am saying her. Marker training doesn't eliminate dominance dogs. It's only a method to interact with a dominant dog with very little risk of getting bit. Because there is no conflict there isn't a reason for a dominant dog to feel like you are challenging his rank within your pack. the early stages of marker training there are no corrections the dominant dog does not feel threatened. With that said marker training is a way to show a dog that you do have rules. As a general rule dogs that have been turned into rescue organizations have some form of behavioral problem. If these dogs have had any training it has been old school yank and crank methods that have used avoidance methods to train their dogs.