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Kardynalnego grzechu się bary szykuje się do (zimnego okrucieństwa swoją KLOS, 2007. worked afternoon drive at KLOS until the fall of 2006. He returned for weekends and fill- the of 2007. He was moved to full-time early evenings late of 2009 and early 2013 took over afternoon drive. KHJ, 1982; KNOB, 1982; KHTZ, 1982; KHJ, 1985; KRTH, 1986; KBIG, 1990; KFI, 1995. At KNOB he voice tracked his show as Harris. has active voiceover career. moved to Orange County when he was age 3. I was born North on 5. folks moved to Southern California 1958, settling La Habra, said He joined the School the mid-1970s and got his first job Aztec, New Mexico. I hated it. I stayed three months then joined KDES-Palm Springs. I bailed out of radio 76' to pursue stand up, but found that to be successful you have to be on the road for about three hundred days a year. 1978 it was back to radio for working at K-Warm-Corona and then K-Honey- Riverside as pd. 1980, he started doing mornings and md duties at KFXM. During his years at KNOB, he voicetracked as Harris. now worksproviding Media and Live Event solutions for businesses of all sizes. We have produced successful events and media support for: EarthLink, LA Dodgers, Walt Disney Company, MGM, NASCAR and The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund DC. They are building education center next to the Wall and I direct and produce their informational videos., Mixin': KDAY; KJLH, 1990; KCRW, 1991; KKBT, 1993. held down the L.A. scene for more than two decades as activist and pioneering dj, hosting mixshows on the original 1580 KDAY. A cardiac arrest took his life on 29, at the age of 46. One blog said that basically applied the Public Enemy method to a form mixshow a smart blend of current hip hop and fragments of audio culled from news and film., KRLA, 1966. heads the State department of Fish and Game's Southern California public information office., Rex: KGRB KBOB, 1973. Rex is retired and living California. KPOL, 1967. died 1995., KFI, 1996; KNX, 2004. is morning news co-anchor at KNX., L. KFI, 1968; KLAC, 1969; KFI, 1969; KMET, 1969; KIIS, 1981. L. Moorhead was affiliated -time with Metromedia Broadcasting. Before he arrived the Southland, 's on-air name was Guy Phoenix he was known as Wallace. One of his early assignments was working at WMMS-. At one time produced the Godfrey Show. fact, he started his career 1952 on WSRS-. He also was pd of WOKY-Milwaukee and was national pd of Bartell Broadcasting. was gm of KMET the mid-1970s and hosted the night forum Mangle the Manager. He was also senior vp of Metromedia radio and vp of radio. the 1990s moved to Las Vegas and consulted radio stations. He died July 7, at the age of 62. The reported Moote just wants to return to the West Coast where he lived for years. His brother actor and writer, resides L.A. and his mom lives Seattle. That's where I need to be, Moote said. As much as it hurts to leave this family, I realize I just can't leave the people who depend on me and me on that side of the country. Born and raised Tempe, he graduated with advertising degree from the University of Arizona 1949, the same year he started with Arizona's first Spanish-language radio station Phoenix. 1957 he joined the Voice of Washington, DC, broadcasting Spanish and English to Latin It was such a difficult period Lima that family had to be evacuated from the country. I remained there for additional 5 months. Resigning from the Foreign Service, he joined KNX late 1969. Two years later he became news director of KMEX TV, a position he held for 18 months before returning to KNX. With wife and we started our own PR business 1978. When 15-year-old daughter died 1980, it was such a difficult time for us that I