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Została decyzji do walki się błędów innych gier kosmici gościa to clear up: Where did you that a grey car was awaiting the shooters at the kosher pastry? The pic of the ID card: it shows a folded document, beige and brown colored, whereas the French ID card is blue and enclosed a rigid plastic that makes it impossible to fold if the pic shown is what the police relies on, that is dodgy as hell. The cartoonist I mentioned yesterday: instead of following the shooters into the building she could have warned the paper's staff by ringing the and talking on the interphone to the receptionist to warn her to lock the door. Her behavior this event is not logical and I believe she's the traitor, the Sayan but all a woman needs to say to earn trust and respect is to mention her child and that's it. Some are wondering how the shooters knew the names of the staff but every paper lists the names and function the mast this is not odd. Later… Gorsline I now that a second shooting has erupted involving a second kosher restaurant. Funny how everything is evolving around kosher restaurants. I also is trying to link the hunted men to Syria. She and Arwa have been 's main attack dogs trying to generate war with Syria. I had a very cynical thought. Apparently Hebdo magazine was money and was going to fold. Getting rid of the staff saves alot of costs, and printing a 1 million last hurrah commemorative issue bring alot of quick money becasue of the free MSM publicity. It kind of reminds me of overinsuring the condemmed world trade center before blowing it up. Are 's owners Jewish? I would really like to know. Gorsline Dear Has C, At one time I spent alot of time Tanzania which was 50% Muslim and 50% The presidents alternate. One year a Muslim the next a and on. There were no problems. I believe the same was true of Lebanon years ago. At least a friend who lived there told me it was a beautiful country before the Israelis it. It is the Jews who are winding up all the problems by getting different groups to fight one another. The only people who benefit from the wars that people like Christianne are trying to forment are the Jews Ostrovsky book By Way of Deception sets out the manner which genuinely committed Arab fanatics are used to out terror bombings without ever knowing that they were being controlled and used by the Mossad as part of a false flag operation. Worth reading to understand this subject. Ostrovosky was ex-Mossad operative who had to pay a very heavy price for spilling the beans on his former employers. Gorsline According to Activist Post these guys were trained Syria, one of the various groups fighting against Assad. It seems they are on the exact same team as 's Christianne, Arwa and their desire to unseat Assad. Difficult to know if they are jihadis, cannon fodder, or patsies who have been led down the garden path by the MOSSAD but bringing 9 type lost ID and two kosher restaurants into the news dialogue would indicate the latter? Brabantian On Brother 's significant point he links above, on the kosher restaurant the Hebdo murders and on how Mossad has ultra-high political cover French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, with a Jewish wife, is a pro- extremist who says anyone opposing Zionism as Jews themselves fact do! is engaged anti-Jewish hate: Valls said that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism Valls has explicitly linked his pro-Jewish views to his Jewish wife, the violinist Gravoin, saying 2011 that his marriage connected him eternal way to and the Jewish people. http: Jewish-World Jewish-Features French-Jews-say-Prime-Minister-Manuel-Valls-has-their-back-347904 And from the link given by Brother above the astonishing fact it was at a Jewish kosher restaurant where the