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Się literacki pierwowzór ganianie mordercami jeśli filmie wątła fabuła wideoblog be Ann. Annoyong is a mole for the SEC, and has been gathering evidence against to avenge his grandfather's stolen business. Finally, and leave the family for good. White Sheep: and are generally this relation to the Bluth family. They are by far the most decent and the least manipulative and selfish. Contrasted to the others who are greedy and power-hungry, and generally hold very few morals. also fits into this trope, although slightly less since his ideas of this 't necessarily comply with other people's ideas of this. 4, this trope is deconstructed with all three of them: becomes much more frustrated and selfish, abandons his family and eventually kicks almost all of them out of the movie, is pushed past his limits, and eventually punches the face, and begins to show his natural Bluth traits, most notably the power of lying, and ends up digging himself deeper and deeper, and eventually punches his father the face after he finds out that he was lying to him. Not to mention the fact that they're implied to have motives for Becoming the Mask: 4, GOB sets out to get revenge on a newly uncloseted, flirty by winning his heart and then breaking it. is secretly straight and just pretending to flirt, because he thinks GOB is as well and has a boyfriend with money. They both end up truly enjoying each other's company and developing feelings for each other the Narrator says this is confused friendship, but after they're tricked into with each other GOB says the experience has confirmed he's love. Troper bonus: literal full face masks are involved. Beware the Nice Ones: one episode, enters the same prison as Sr. uses his therapist training and counseling skills to unintentionally convince the most powerful inmate to kill himself, and then heads a new prison gang centered around Wizard of Oz imagery, whose members were called friends of Cluster Bleep-Bomb: At the office: Gob: Please refrain from discussing or engaging any sort of inter-office ing, or sing, or finger, or sting or eeing or or even Even though people this office are begging for it. And if anybody does anything with my sister I'll take off my pants, I'll sh. And I'll personally Crying After Sex: the episode Family Ties, G.O.B. and Sr. both hook up with the same prostitute and go to bed with her multiple times the same hotel room. Both end up crouched at the foot of the bed, venting their inadequacies as she sits above them, looking bored. Disappearing Box: GOB's Aztec Tomb makes continuous appearances. first episode during Sr.'s retirement party, GOB hid his father the tomb to hide him from the Securities and Exchange Commission. He hid behind the revolving door the tomb, which kept him out of sight until the police dogs found him. This was broadcast -universe on the FOX 6 news and GOB was subsequently kicked out of The Alliance of Magicians. Gambit Pileup: Making A Stand, Sr. response, makes a plan to convince his father that to teach him a lesson. However, after to give him a means to teach a lesson about After finding out that Once to teach the lesson about originally planned... at which point teaching them the lesson he'd been trying to teach the entire episode about Instantly Proven Wrong: Episode Faking It has discover a secret room the model home filled with body-building magazines, themselves filled with muscular men. enters and has a conversation with where he admits the magazines are his. He says they're from a body-building phase he'd gone through and he hasn't touched them years. He then opens one and we hear a talking magazine ad for a new television show. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: The late three episode is chock full of references to the show's failing ratings and involves the characters pleading for support and trying to seem more relatable, while simultaneously stating that they would not be able to do a Channel Hop should they ultimately be canceled, and, by the end, When they discuss the idea that there is a mole with a listing device the company 'Mr. F', the cameras focuses on each cast member, ending with