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I niezwykle bełkocie mogłaby stworzyć niepotrafiący nawet których do portrety with any spreadsheet tool that reads xls files or processes CSV HTML table files a similar way Following are the subcategories offered: COM Since CF on can integrate with COM, there are solutions available using that interface. There are a number of tools that uses the approach the CFCOMET tools list including CF_Excel2CSV, CF_ReadXLS, HTML2Excel, and SQL_export.cfm. As you contemplate working with COM, if performance is issue, consider these technotes: and 3 also related subcategories the introduction to the broader category above There are APIs for manipulating Excel files. Since CF6 and above are built atop it's easy to leverage such libraries. also related subcategories the introduction to the broader category above. JXLS Matt has written on a couple of blog entries on this. I figure I'd just point you to his Excel category, which lists entries that discuss both jXMS and a beef he had with using POI case you his reference to a zip file his enclosures link one of the entries, here is the link directly. BTW, you find references on the web to his stuff being at http: but that domain is no longer functioning. Fortunately, he moved his stuff to the new domain Office Automation While you read some articles talking about doing Office automation, by trying to run MS Office apps on the server, this is something that even cautions against, saying CAUTION: Automation of any Office application from unattended, non-interactive user account is risky and unstable. A single error code or configuration can result a dialog box that can cause the client process to stop responding that can corrupt data, or that can even crash the calling process WARNING: Office was not designed, and is not safe, for unattended execution on a server. Developers who use Office this manner do at their own risk. also related subcategories the introduction to the broader category above. While most operating systems have built- file find search tools alternatives exist These alternatives offer both enhanced functionality, speed, and user interfaces This space is a meld of services, some of which are focused solely on remote personal online storage, and some of those offer desktop or mobile apps for syncing with local storage. Many support file sharing with others, and some of those offer only very short-term remote storage for that. Some vary levels of service based on payment options. Nearly all have at least some level of free services. The space is changing too rapidly for me to try to keep up and indicate which offer which of the above services. But I have noted, for the services with free levels, how much storage they offer at that free level. I also list some more server-oriented cloud storage options, the also at the end of the list. Note first that CF9 added built- support for uploading multiple files, with the cffileupload tag, which presents a javascript-based interface to name multiple files, and the cffile action=uploadall, which allows CF to accept and process multiple files uploaded As has often been the case the history of CFML, when added built- support for this functionality, most of the open source projects below stopped being updated. Following are the subcategories offered: FTP Clients also related subcategories the introduction to the broader category above. FTP Servers HTTP debugging proxies sniffers allow you to watch the http-level communications between your browser and the web server. It helps you the request response stream, which can be very helpful resolving some problems. A good overview of teh concepts is available here. There are a wide range of differnt kinds of such tools offered here. I offer them the following subcategories: Note first that the more modern versions of most browsers now have built- tools that can provide this sort of functionality. Just right-click on whitepace your browser content and choose inspect element, which exist most modern browsers. Then look for Network tab. Or use the following menu options: There are multiple categories of monitoring tools offered here, from generic log analysis tools to analysis of specific files or for a specific purpose also monitoring tools, which includes to monitor log files such as the event log. Following are the subcategories offered: Camden has a tool to read the log files to identify templates listed by CF as being slow pages. his blog entries for CF8 and CF7. There is now a download link on the CF8 to download the provided code as a CFML template, the link being at the bottom of the entry to the right of the link to display comments If you're unhappy with your current mail server, whether due to performance, need to handle larger volumes, adding better spam handling, mail lists, security, whatever, there are alternatives. Some are servers, some are gateways, some are identified as MTAs Some are free, some commercial; some downloadable, some run as hosted services. Here are some alternatives to consider. Following are the subcategories offered: Note that on editions that have IIS there is