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Kto zobaczy gagi których aktorka scenariusza czy też prezentuje się of town, a reasonable distance from the main road. Several years ago we rescued three cats from a local centre all of who became much loved, and very settled members of our family. However one always had a tendency to wander, and frequently crossed the main road to go into the fields beyond. We always had a strong belief that cats being very independent creatures should not be restrained, however earlier this year husband went out to work early one morning only to find our beloved wanderer dead by the side of the road having been hit by a vehicle on his way home for breakfast. We were devastated. Since then we re-considered that possibility of some sort of device to restrict their wanderings a little. After much consideration we opted to install a radio fence and have the cats wear electric collars. This has successfully prevented them from leaving our reasonably sized garden and has given us much more peace of mind. The thought of another member of our family such a horrible way was just too much to bear, and I am glad we have taken this decision. The cats were carefully trained accordance with the manufacturers advice, and after having received one or two corrections the early days now accept their collars and the limitations to their wanderings. They are still well-adjusted, and very contented pets. I do understand the other side of the electric collar debate, but feel very strongly that the right hands and used correctly and responsibly they are a huge asset from several points of view the animal's safety, the owner's peace of mind, and reducing the possibility of causing a major road accident. Regards, SL Dear K9 Magazine, There has been a lot of controversy about electronic dog collars and restraints the press and government recently. I write as a very happy user of such a system. We live on a couple of acres a village Leicestershire A couple of years ago we had problems with our Retriever bitch escaping and wandering when on heat, causing a bother to our neighbours. We then also got a Ridgeback dog who when 8 months old escaped and was hit by a car the road outside. Luckily, neither dog nor car occupants suffered serious harm. However, there remained the risk of nuisance to other people and dogs. At the recommendation of some friends, we had a Freedom Fence system installed around our boundary. We adjusted the levels that the dogs received the minimum prompt they recognised. Our dogs took 2 days to learn where the boundaries are. Since then, our dogs approach the boundary but not cross unless for example we walk across looking like we are going to take them for a walk. The collars emit a warning beep when the dog comes up to the boundary, and the dogs know not to proceed further and to retreat a little to stop the bleeping, without receiving any prompt other than the beep. The system gives a great benefit to the dogs. It allows us to give the dogs freedom to wander our garden without worry, when we are indoors. The system is excellent. It has not shown any sign of malfunction or problem, and can easily be switched off when we want to take the dogs out. Our friends who recommended it to us have similarly had nothing but success with the system. I recommend it to your readers for 3 reasons: It stops the problems of wandering dogs. It gives us the reassurance that the dogs are safe on our land. It allows the dogs the fun of wandering on our land when we are busy. Yours sincerely der Post Leicestershire The Verdict: You're The Jury Do you find electric shock collars guilty as charged or innocent and free to go on their way? The above article was first published K9 Magazine 2003. Since then, debates over the electric dog training collar have raged just as actively as when we first broached the subject. As is our style, we try to present a balanced case and afford our readers the to form your own opinions and have your say. If you HATE em', tell us why. If you support em', we'd like to hear your reasons. Over to you. Disclaimer: Whilst happy to allow the issue to be discussed intelligent, adult manner K9 Magazine does not accept advertising for electric collars. If you happen to adverts