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Jednak kieruje swój pogoni owocem dziejach ludzkości również się nie are reasons why kids can want to put up a lemonade stand: they want some extra spending money; they want to support a charity; or it be near the end of and they have done everything Whatever the reason, it is a great opportunity for children to become familiar with the fundamentals of running a successful business a low risk environment. Whether you are selling lemonade or gourmet chocolates, the basic business principles apply equally sell a quality product at a fair price from a good location with a clean and inviting environment enthusiastic manner. It also helps to have the patience to stick to it, and enough creativity to find some way to make your business stand out. 1. Start with a business plan. Help your child develop a realistic plan that include such items as the type of job business they would like to do, the current need for that service your area, any necessary tools or equipment, any initial investment, any special training or certification, and a realistic earnings goal. Help them check their progress periodically. 3. Safety, safety, safety! If any tools or appliances are involved, make certain that your child is fully trained on the proper use and safety procedures, and is fully equipped with any necessary safety equipment sucn as eye and ear protection. Also be certain that your child can contact you when necessary for any emergency or just questions. 4. Keep it their project. Provide encouragement, assistance, and help with things such as transportation, but limit your involvement. Remember that while the job money might be important goal, the life lessons of self-reliance, dependability, achievement, business skills, and hard work are far more important and last a lot longer than the money earned. High School students between the ages of 15 and 17 and college students can volunteer during the academic year or the A minimum commitment of one four hour shift each week is required. We require students to volunteer for at least 40 hours during the school year and 50 hours during the During the a volunteer must commit to being here at least 6 out of the 8 weeks to reach the 50 hours. These guidelines ensure that this be a win-win experience for the students and the hospital staff. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful volunteers become the face of the museum. They sell tickets, direct visitors, seat theater-goers, assist the Museum Shop, the Auerbach Library and offer a host of other talents. There is a perfect volunteer opportunity for anyone- from college students to retiree! We'll be glad to work around your schedule to have the benefit of your support. Ready to volunteer? Download application here. Memorial campus: 276 Every day, dozens of community members of all ages donate their time and talents to support Hospital of Central Connecticut patients, visitors and staff. Whether filing our administrative offices, transporting patients around the hospital or keeping family members our waiting rooms company, our volunteers help the hospital provide outstanding care with efficiency and compassion. When can you volunteer? We have volunteers on duty different departments from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. The time that you would volunteer would depend on your availability and what hours are available the department that you choose. We do have after school and weekend openings some departments. How can I become a JMH volunteer? Click to e-mail or call to request application and information packet. If you are a high school student, request a teen volunteer packet. If you completed high school, request adult volunteer packet. You request a packet be sent to you by e-mail or US mail. The Volunteer Program offers two programs: