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Ally McBeal poszukiwała życiowym zakręcie (trafimy tam jakiś przewodnikiem tej door and gate every chance he got! His exasperated owners were tired of chasing him all over the neighborhood and paying fines at the animal impound. By carefully transitioning this well-practiced escape artist, we taught that he COULD run ---AROUND instead of AWAY! was thrilled that he got to do what he loved best, RUN!! And his satisfied owners could hardly believe he was the same dog that they'd brought to school only 10 days earlier. Boodah, the adorable Pug came to Care Dog Training as a very lovable, spoiled sweetheart. It is hard not to look into those eyes and give him everything he wants. He was not listening to his loving owners when he started the program. During training Boodah learned commands that keep him safe outdoors as well as indoors. Boodah is shown here with two Border Terriers practicing a sit stay exercise. They are waiting for their rewards for a job well done. I am confident results after years of experience, that I GUARANTEE training. HOW TO BOOK YOUR DOG Call us today 847 5089. 25 By I've covered a lot of different topics Pitbull Puppy Training Tips series. Today, I'm going to write one of the most important Pitbull Puppy Training Tips segements to date training aggressive Pitbull puppy. I know I've said before that most of the true aggression has been bred out of Pitbulls over the years, and that's true. However, there are still certain Pits out there who seem to be born with more than their fair share of the aggression that was bred into their ancestors. The question is how to handle it. That's what we're going to cover today Pitbull puppy training tips. Can You Handle It? That's important question to answer and the absolute number one on list of aggressive Pitbull puppy training tips. Can you handle a Pitbull with aggressive tendencies? The simple truth is that a Pitbull born with aggressive tendencies always have them, and there are some people who just should not be charge of a dog like that. So the first and most important of Pitbull puppy training tips on this subject is to ask yourself that question. Can you handle this? Can you handle a large, powerful animal that most likely always have some level of aggressive tendencies? Can you be vigilant at all times? Can you ensure the safety of people and animals around you? I want to really drive this point home. It is THE most important of aggressive Pitbull puppy training tips. If you have any doubt at all that you can't handle training animal as powereful as a Pitbull which also leans to the aggressive side, you should take it back to wherever you got it. I hate to say that, but the simple truth is that it's better to take aggressive Pitbull puppy back to wherever you got it than to potentially endanger other people and animals. As long as you've answered YES to the first and most important of Pitbull puppy training tips for aggressive Pitbull puppies, the rest of the training is actually just the same as training any other Pibull or any dog general. I won't cover all of that here, as I've written several articles this series about training. There are, however a few things I want to reiterate about training, especially when training a Pitbull puppy with aggressive tendencies. You should never do any of these things, but it's even more important that you 't do them with aggressive Pitbull puppy. Never Show Aggression If you have decided to keep your aggressive Pitbull, then this is the next most important of the Pitbull puppy training tips that I have for you. NEVER show aggression. 't yell at your Pitbull puppy. 't smack it. 't rub its nose the on the carpet if it has accident. general, you 't want to do ANYTHING that reinforce your Pitbull puppy's aggressiveness. ONLY use positive reinforcement and treats when training. 't Freak Out Ever. Do not ever give off a freak out vibe. No matter what's happening, you must remain calm at all times. All dogs pick up on their owner's mood and demeanor, if you're nervous, you're only feeding that aggressiveness that you're trying to master. If you're nervous, your dog is nervous. If your dog is nervous, it's on high alert. If it's on high alert, chances are good that it unleash that aggressiveness on any person or animal it deems has gotten too close to you. Be Vigilant at All Times This has been a running theme of Pitbull Puppy Training Tips articles, but it's even more important when you have a Pitbull with bred- aggressiveness of any level. Any responsible dog owner should always be aware of