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Chazelle, otwiera swój zmieni gdy zatrudni serwisu VOD i powierzchnię her another type of harness from which her head accidentally slipped out when she backed up one day, and then tried your harness. She doesn't mind it all, and loves the freedom of no pressure on her neck. It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to escape from. dog is not problem puller, but I can certainly the value of the Martingale loop on the back each time she wants to run after a critter. I highly recommend this harness! I purchased this harness w leash after a recommendation from HDR Rhode Island for our rescue. He's a mix between Great and Staffordshire and is a houdini when it comes to leash and harnesses. This is the 3rd haress we've tried and we absolutely it! He hasn't been able to get out of this one and the pulling stopped immediately. I HIGHLY recommend this harness for any dog, any shape or size. It's nice to have peace of mind walking him now and not constantly worrying that he'll figure out how to slip out of it. With the leash, we hook one at the harness and the other on his collar. The lining keeps his thin fur on his belly protected too. I accidentally ordered the wrong size and the exchange was handled quickly and effeciently! thanks!! I bought 2 of these for dogs when I saw them being used at the rescue's boarding facility, and got to first hand how well they fit worked! No of escape and can manage these professional pullers with ease comparison to other products on the market, and believe me, I've tried them all! Better quality and absolutely worth every penny! I absolutely this harness! I have a ~110 pounds Newfoundland dog who gets very excited when seeing neighbors and other dogs. Considering she almost weights as much as me, I've always had a hard time being control. This harness gives me great control and helps me to stop dog from going where ever she wants! Totally worth the price and shipping costs! I just ordered one of these for Dachshund. Had recently bought one for Puggle. Both of sweet dogs are rescues and pullers when we walk. The Freedom Harness works much better than anything I have tried. The underneath keeps the harness from rubbing which is problem with other brands. I like you have options for how to use. Mine are still new but materials look very sturdy. We got the package yesterday and They really are the most amazing harnesses ever! And they fit with a lot of wiggle room. I wanted to tell you that the Medium had a lot of space i had to make the harness tighter. If anyone has a dog with exactly a 28 chest, it is a great fit and he still have room to grow it Same thing with the Large. She can still grow a bit and it fit great. Thank you. I went to petsmart with female wearing it and I swear I had about 5 people ask me if I like it and where I got it from. They saw how easy it was to walk her and she didn't jump on anyone for a change. I did give them your website and told them to absolutely get the leash as well. I am impressed with your quick response to question before and how fast I received them. I think it only took 3 days! And your prices for this harness were the best I saw I did tell everyone that they probably would not find it anywhere for cheaper right now. I am very happy with the harness and the entire transaction. I look