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Gra Ukazała Ktoś Kto Nie Szczególnej Zręczności Zmieniła

Się ikoną powinien całą masę dobra tapla się istocie jego that means to jump on the door and then it would close. She really couldn't trick me-I know the difference between those words now-remember-possible Valedictorian right here! I because every time I listen when she says sit, down, stay, and watch me I get jerky treats! I jerky treats-almost as much as I but not quite! I also discovered that if I walk right next to trainer without leading or following her I earn yummy rewards and she tells me I'm a very good boy. When you read all of this, 't you feel like I should already be a service dog? I feel I should already have graduated service dog school because of all the good boy's I hear. I am hopeful that some day I get to meet furever human! Adventures: I adventures! We get to go to stores and movies and restaurants to practice all of our tricks. Sometimes we can do our tricks really well at the ranch but then when we get out public there are distractions-children, cars, food, smells, loud noises. It can be really hard to remember to listen to our trainers. We have to make sure we can do all of our tricks no matter where we are! Goals: Because Service Dogs always have goals there are still more things to learn, I keep going to class. Plus, the yummy treats I get make all the hard work worth it. Some of the Senior pups at school told me that I be learning brace, vest, lights, and door hopefully after I learn all these tricks I can wear cap and collar across the stage. Please come check on me Status: Hi Everyone! It's Dawson! I have been spending time training at the Prison Program with lots of different humans! I am doing really well with training. It is very exciting to know that I am doing fabulous. There are tricks called basic commands that were pretty easy for me to learn. Those are words like sit stand come down wait touch under-simple simple simple for me. I'm a really good listener I think that's why it's easy for me to learn. I to do watch me with humans that train me. I get to just stare into their eyes and I can how happy that makes them feel. Because those basics were easy for me I started learning the tricks that humans call advanced tasks. Silly humans-advanced tasks are easy for me now too. I can dial special phones, I can open handicap doors by doing button I can even turn lights on and off! I to learn new tricks all the time! It makes humans happy when you learn to do all of the things they try to teach you-and I get TREATS!! Humans and treats make me very happy! Adventures: I like going on adventures. Some times I have to be reminded that I am not allowed to ask other humans to pet me or tell me how much they like me. But some humans just look like they want me to kiss them or touch them with head. It makes them giggle and then I get a wiggly bum and tail. BUT, I am working hard not to do that. When service dogs are public we can only pay attention to our furever human, not to other humans. Goals: To be the best service dog I can be I have to have goals. For the next month goals be, first, to make sure I remember not to beg humans for their food. I am doing much better with this but sometimes that human food makes water come out of mouth and makes me wish I could have a little bite. Did