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O'Harę i sellecka ( swojej ponad 25 może raczej przed gry hired full time 1979 at KLOM-Lompoc, and later across town at KRQK. 1980, he was hired at the NFL Hall of Fame's broadcast facility, KACE. did overnights, served as production and imaging director, and later moved up to morning drive where he and Parr worked together. 1984, moved on to 's KJLH and for the next 30 years has been a main fixture, doing mornings, middays, afternoon and evening drive. 1993, was promoted to operations manager while still maintaining a 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. air shift to present. Most recently, launched a Smooth Jazz Internet radio station, KDAY, 1958; XTRA, 1961; KFWB, 1967. is retired and living San was a popular all-night dj at KMPC. He eventually went into politics serving on the city council of Downey. He was active the PR activies the formation of the Amercian Basketball Association. He found enough first-year ABA owners for 11 teams and immediately promoted the new pro sports entry as The Lively League. passed away the 1970s., KTNQ, 1978. is head of programming for Cumulus Media., KBLA, 1967. Unknown., KIKF, 1985; KLOS, 1995; KABC KTZN, 1997. was part of Angels baseball corporate sales. He retired 2017., KACE. Since leaving the public affairs show, The Turning she has returned to publishing her magazine of the same name., Gonzalez: KUSC, 1992; KCSN, 1998. is a composer and is writing opera. He lives Madre., KGIL, 1978; KABC, 1982. died 17. He was 50., Oz: KQLZ, 1993; KROQ, 1993; KACD, 1999. Oz briefly worked evenings at KACD., KRLA, 2007. syndicated show airs on 870AM KRLA afternoons., KWIZ, 1967; KEZY, 1968; KRLA, 1970; KEZY, 1975. a veteran of Orange County radio, died October 8, of prostate cancer. He was 78. Born Beloit, Kansas, grew up the Midwest, attended Washburn University for pre-law, and Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas, for engineering. 's early broadcasting career he worked for Burden at KISN-Portland, Drake at KGB-San Sam Holman at WPOP Hartford, Connecticut, Weaver at KWIZ, Arnie McClatchey at KEZY and Darin at KRLA. remembers his broadcasting career highlights: I was the emcee for the Portland, Oregon, Beatles concert 1965, the announcer introducing the Band Live on CD at the Pasadena Civic and the emcee for the Carpenters, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones and Donny Osmond concerts at the Anaheim Stadium. continued, describing his favorite on-air contest highlight: Giving away a real live horse at KEZY on afternoon drive show for the from the group The name selected for the horse was Amerage, and the winning contestant won the horse! He was especially proud of his involvement the KEZY of Dimes Walk-a-thon. produced some of the most outstanding promos for this event that I had ever heard on radio, built around the theme of ‘What The World Needs Now Is It was very moving and very successful! was also owner of Studio West syndicated programming Newport Beach manager of KONG AM FM-Visalia manager of KSNN-Merced manager of KXA- Seattle chief engineer of KSAN-FM KNEW- San and director of engineering for Crista Broadcasting Since 1988 until his passing, was the owner of a residential appraisal company, Northwest Home Appraisals, Kirkland, Washington., KMPC, 2002. hosted a popular sports Web site, Slim KYMS, 1989. does fill- at KOLA., Kiki: KRLA, 1996; KACD, 1997. Kiki hosted on Galavision. the fall of 2001 she is scheduled to host a one-hour daily syndicated talk show. 1992. He got to go to Europe. I got to go to Eniwetok. worked at Armed Forces Radio the late 1950s and when he was discharged, he programmed KLFM Beach. He sold time at KEZY until the station was sold for $950 1963. reflected: Even after thirty five years I still those good old days of starving, being unemployed, ownership changes, and management changes. Oh, do I it. I lost track of him 1962 and had no contact with him until 1999, emailed Hill. He hunted me down through LARadio. We've been visiting via phone and email regularly ever since. During the first part of that 37 year period, was a managerial sales position with Pier One Imports, traveling the country with the responsibility of opening stores new locations, which included much media contact. Later he was Catering Sales Manager for the Sundial Restaurant Atlanta. does not know when Mellen moved to Hawaii, but probably the late 70s. lent his voice and personality as a volunteer at the Arizona Memorial Harbor. He was also a tour guide and announcer for various activities, including the shuttle boats carrying visitors to the Arizona exhibit, continued. also worked as a volunteer with the Harbor Survivors Organization and was granted honorary membership. He also had a display stand at the U.S.S. Bowfin Museum selling patches, pins and other patriotic items. Hill said that had suffered a stroke about a year-and-a-half ago and had recovered by about 80% to 90%. talking with a lady that is a longtime employee at the Bowfin Museum who gave me known details of his passing, she mentioned he was a bit unsteady on his feet, had balance problems at times and walked with a cane. lived alone, apparently lost his balance and fell into his pool, where he was found by a neighbor. The neighbor came to investigate 's dog who had been