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Ciekawsze przywodzi bowiem myśl, czuje się pięścią tych latających nie teleconferencing services available to consider. Simply do a Google search for free conference call or teleconferencing. Following are the subcategories offered: Are you someone who reads or publishes RSS feeds? Did you know there are tools to permit people to receive notifications without using RSS Readers? Some just prefer email. The following services offer tools both for readers and publishers Note as well, after the list, some tools to monitor any for content changes, not just RSS-fed ones. Something taking a slightly different approach are tools that can notify you of changes to pages on any site, not just RSS-fed ones, such as the following. Again, sure, some browsers include such a feature, but some want notification by email Following are the subcategories offered: The following tools can be used to capture any screen content and record it. Some produce AVI, some SWF, some FLV, and on. Some can capture video on screen, while some cannot. There are free and commercial options, for multiple platforms. also related subcategories the introduction to the broader category above. There are a range of security concerns for CF shops, from Injection, to Site Scripting to Site Request Forgery ClickJacking, CRLF injection, xPath injection, and more, as well as denial of service attacks. The first three are related: attempts by hackers to get data into your application There are several levels at which you can detect and prevent such attempts. The lowest level is your CFML code, then your CFML application, then the web server, then web application firewalls, etc. Some features let you specify what to block, while others try to determine that automatically based on heuristics and on. This category is broken into subcategories, depending on the level at which the attack is detected prevented, from the inner-most code level to the outer-most hardware firewall level. I also offer a sub-category on intrusion detection tools, as another aid addressing security problems. Following are the subcategories offered: Recent releases of CF have introduced more and more features to assist with protection at the coding and other levels. CF10 added the several EncodeForxxx functions to encode input string and a canonicalize function to decode strings, the CSRFGenerateToken CSRFVerifyToken functions for CSRF, and the CFClickJackFilterDeny CFClickJackFilterSameOrigin elements web.xml for clickjacking, as well as built- protection against CRLF injection for several tags. this article from for more on CF10 security enhancements. CF11 added new XSS support, the guise of Anti-Samy support, with new functions isSafeHTML and getSafeHTML, and support for Xpath injection protection with the new encodeForXPath function. this article from for more on CF11 security enhancements. Finally, CF2016 added the Security Analyzer tool to help review your code for such opportunities for improvement regarding security. CFQueryParam, a tag whose main job is to support query parameterization, aka bind variables, but is used by folks to help with sql injection protection, as it supports datatype checking of values passed to a CFQUERY. For instance, if the tag was used to check incoming url variable for cfsqltype=CF_SQL_INTEGER then if that value had any kind of string it, it would be rejected. To be clear, this tag's job is NOT sql injection protection. If the cfsqltype were set to CF_SQL_VARCHAR, that would simply confirm that the incoming value was a string. It would NOT look for and remove threatening strings. Be very careful relying solely on cfqueryparam for sql injection protection. Note that while the CF Builer 2016 Security Analyzer would help identify places where you are vulnerable to Injection there is also open-source CFML tool to help identify such places where CFQUERYPARAM is missing from your CFML-based. the Queryparam Scanner tool from Boughton The following tools are limited their focus, blocking by IP address Since IP addresses can be spoofed, and or bad guys could spread their attacks across a farm of compromised machines, these are nut nearly as powerful as the WAF tools above. ColdFusion Enterprise Server Monitor, from versions 8 and above). Offers a session monitor, which shows a list of all current sessions, whether EE or not. its Statistics tab at the top, then the Request Statistics section on the left, and its Active Sessions Your first shown a list of all sessions, and if you double-click on one you additional details about the session Click the chart icon on the far right to