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Kilka, nich ( nie mogą się i filmu szpiegowskiego może iść loves everybody and anyone can do anything to him and even reach for his food now that I have retrained him. Where do you get your numbers from? How do you know it's 6% Tr following paragraph is taken from Sites like like to claim that pit bulls only make up 5 percent of the total dog population the United States and are therefore attacking at a much higher rate than other dogs, but the truth is that there are no accurate statistics kept on the total number of dogs this country, let alone dogs by type. The CDC clearly states this on its website: There is currently no accurate way to identify the number of dogs of a particular breed, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill. And while it's anyone's guess exactly how pit bull type dogs there are this country, it's clear from looking around most cities, neighborhoods and shelters that dogs labeled as pit bulls are far more common than 5 percent. I've read data that suggested that the percentage could be as high as 9%. That's one heck of a lot of dogs. Considering the crazy number of pitbulls this country, they 't attack very often ,at all. I'm sure that the average human is far more likely to be assaulted by another human, than by a pitbull their lifetime. I have been Anyone who has been taught basic critical analysis skills be struck right away by this site's use a graph with no source. There's no citation whatsoever for the data being presented as fact here. Second, one might notice that the headline is about fatal attacks but the graph is about bites to population ratio. Which means someone switched the measurement and hoped nobody would notice. https: wiki Fatal_dog_attacks_in_the_United_States#Fatalities_reported_in_2013 lists ACTUAL data for fatal attacks which breed is recorded, and pit bulls make up about 75%. Sorry, that's not bias, that's just how someone reads data properly. I've seen a few of these comments over time, and you're absolutely right about the citations. I'm surprised this hasn't been called out on it more. There were citations when I made the like 5 years ago, but I have a video I'll be posting on this that explains the lack of citations. Hint: the links died a few years ago. However I'm posting new links when I have time to update the Hopefully some time the next few days. I also tackle the wikipedia you listed. I 't disagree with the stats, but I do have opinion on them that might be better put into a of its own. Then their is the piece of the puzzle that you're leaving out to promote your propaganda. Research has shown that the percentage of the dog population be as much as 9% pitbull. Gee, it only makes sense that the larger the number of dogs that exist, the greater the one of them attacking is. Analyze that! umm… this dog needs more respect then it gets. never, ever blame a dog for the way it acts! If you've ever watched pitbulls and parolees you would know that even after everything its been through it's still the most loving dog the world. if anything, the human that raised the pitbull is to blam. clearly their head was up their butt when they thought it was okay to raise a pitbull like that! the whole pitbull's are bad thing has just become a sterotype. they make it much more graphic then it actually is. that's sad. makes me wanna totally agreement with you, this stereo typing needs to end, the fact remains that ANY dog breed can be dangerous, their carnivorous, it's their blood to hunt, this doesn't mean that they if properly socialized, every pit I've met has been very sweet and able, they were more likely to lick you to death then they were to bite and they both came from families with small children, these dogs played fetch, and tug-o-war and rolled over for belly pets just like any other dog. I watch Pit bulls and parolees, I'm a fan of and to be able to donate to her cause one day. when I do eventually get a dog I plan to buy from a licensed breeder, who breeds for personality, and yes I plan to get a pit bull, I high energy dog breeds and where we live out the country we have a plenty of room for them. the pit bulls I've met were Daffy, Aggie, and Pop eye, they were the ones who got me interested this breed. I have a Pit Bull mix, who was a stray which I got from the Humane Society along with other dog, Meko, who is a Boxer Border Collie mix. They are best friends. They whine when they each other. I have had both of them since April of 2013. I have not had attack me ONCE! He does play bite, but nothing to indicate that he is going to kill me. I lay on the floor and he WANTS to cuddle with me! I think the only way he is going to kill me is to smother me with I was just on and boy are they Misconstrued, they 't know what they are really reporting.