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I bawią nie niespełnienia to czasie mam się już edonię but he was suffering and had fought much. I knew by looking his eyes that it was time to let him go. Though I continue to grieve about this loss, I am thankful for the extra days that dog had on this earth. I am grateful to your company because I truly believe that without it he would have been gone 2011. He would have been gone before I returned home from Afghanistan. Thank you much for giving pets another heart is heavy, but because of your company, I have a whole year of wonderful, full, happy memories with Sleepy that I would have never had. I thank you from the bottom of heart. I make sure to spread the word to other loving pet owners that they can receive the great gift that I have… time. Precious time. I am mainly writing this testimonial to encourage those dog owners who think that their dogs are too old to save…. just remember it is always worth a shot. Sleepy was barely 19 when he fell ill and responded well to the supplements. He hated the taste, but it was evident that it gave him such a better quality of life. He died at a very full 20 years and two months of age. Though I had no idea if it would work, I took a on Five Leaf, and I forever be glad that I did. Sleepy 9 1992 21. Upper Marlboro, MD Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. 10 2012 Dear We were on a three week holiday when our got diagnosed with kidney failure. Our dog sitter knew to take her to her Vet and they had started treatments with IV, Fluid injections and Medication and each set of blood tests got worse. As as we got home I started surfing online for alternative treatments as well, and that's when I found your site. I emailed you immediately for advice, although I really wasn't optimistic that I would receive a reply. Not only did you get back to me, you have continued to give us advice and support throughout her treatment. I immediately ordered your Kidney Treatment and put her on the special diet you recommended. Initially 's Vet was worried about her blood count getting worse, not better. He said he would be very happy if we could control it with giving her the Fluid shots daily and if that was proven necessary he would teach us how to do it at home. I really wanted to find a way to cure her kidney problem, not control the problem. Fortunately our Vet is open minded about Alternative choices and he agreed for us to use your Kidney Remedy and special low protein diet. About half way through the 3 week program, we started to the improvement and our Vet asked for a copy of your Special Diet recommendations and he is now having someone make special recipes for people who 't want to make their own dog food. I also printed off the information on your site for him. It has been more than two months since this saga began. 's blood count is now line and she went from daily injections, to three times a week, to once a week, and now we wait a month and get the blood tests again to if she is out of the danger zone and no longer needing the fluids and medication. As per your recommendations, now that she has finished your Kidney treatment, we keep her on the Dog Greens supplements forever as they are vitamins and minerals and help support her health ongoing. I cannot thank you enough for your sincere caring. I am most thankful that you have developed these wonderful natural remedies and I continue to give your website to all our friends whose dogs have issues. Muchas Gracias Marie Dwyer-Bullock San Antonio, Jalisco, Mexico Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. 05 2012 We had two dogs pass away from Kidney Disease Renal Failure years ago. The vets recommended a KD dog food IV fluids under the skin, and meds. Both dogs died within 3 months after starting the treatment. Our latest and greatest 12 year old dog, Moab, was also diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Moab was given 5 months to live. The vet recommended a KD dog food, IVs, and meds just as expected. This time, we decided to disregard our vet's advice