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Wyraźnie podkreśla etapy się kącie robertowi adrianowi usłyszymy podobne dla her pain significantly. Thom also communicates with her to check on her pain level. By doing this, I am able to keep her on the lowest possible pain med dosage. I continue Reiki and communication sessions with her hopes of completely eliminating her pain as well as the pain med. This cat, who was once miserable and untouchable, now seeks out touch and likes to be brushed. Bless you Thom and Jonquil. I am grateful for your help with big family. Christie S. Syracuse, Reviews for: Reiki Session Medical Intuitive Scan Communication Check.. After initial communication session I requested a reiki healing as Freckles was due for some minor surgery on his leg. Fortunately Thom was able to schedule the session the same day as his surgery. Well, Freckles acted like he had never even had the surgery, he was full of vim and vigor, the vet was pleased and some other health issues came up that I was able to address. Reiki is a marvellous addition to animal health care. Pauline B. Ohatchee, Alabama All types pet behavior issues problems can be resolved by animal communication behavior specialist Reiki masters Thom Jonquil. Below is a small sampling of the pet families the have helped by gaining understanding of the pet's perspective of how they deal with our often complex human world. Reviews for: Pet Behavior Problems| Reiki for Pets Session.. I first discovered Animal Healings through work raising relief funds for Japan after the earthquakes and tsunami. Thom and Jonquil offered their services to help traumatized pets the aftermath, and that demonstration of pure compassion made a deep impression on me. own little world Chicago, I have a Sheltie we adopted from St. Sheltie Rescue. spent the first two years of his life a puppy mill. He has made great strides, but there were still some cowering issues and wetting issues that needed some help. Animal Healings did a -distance session with that made a profound difference. Thom's email brought tears to eyes. He was able to communicate the results of the session beautifully and at a heart and soul-level. The session definitely bolstered 's confidence himself and his place our family. Also, it helped me gain a new understanding of 's point of view. I wholeheartedly recommend Animal Healings and I wish I lived closer we could also try some hands-on sessions with and his two Sheltie brothers and Gypsy! Thank you! Reviews for: Pet Behavior Problems Urination Issues Multi- Home. ...we could progress 's behavior and she could understand what it felt like to be part of a loving family.. husband and I rescued 2-year old from the side of the road near a power plant a little over a year ago. She was emaciated, had infection that caused her to be red and raw, sores her mouth, part of her lip to be eaten away, and one of her paw pads was blackened to the point where the vet though it need to be removed. She also had a hernia and tape worm. The vet estimated she had been on her own for at least a month to six-weeks. When we tried to integrate her with our other two 14-year old cats, she began marking, especially the living room carpeting. She also became very aggressive with our other cats. We had several sessions with Thom and Jonquil and after each session would a little more improvement her behavior. Every couple of sessions we would check with our other cats as well to how they were doing and if they had anything to say about their own comfort levels and 's progress. Since we did not know 's background, it was difficult to determine what