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Komplikacjach 8 godzin trybu wnendta przemian magicznym urokliwych obrazków dodatkowo thank HHA for the Liquid Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D. I have no Thyroid and started experiencing tongue and lip burning, teeth hurting the front. I knew it was parathyroid. I took over the counter calcium nothing. sister gave me your liquid and two days later it stopped. It is a wonderful product. I am a HHA member and never thought to order this before, yesterday I got shipment. Thank you. July 2009 About 4 months following a total hysterectomy, I began to suffer from severe psychological problems. Usually a very upbeat, happy person, I became hopeless and entertained thoughts of dying or killing myself. daughter reocgnized the change personality and told me about Herbal Healer's Women Balance. Within 2 weeks, there was a marked difference and I was completely restored to happy personality. For five years, I have taken no hormones, only Women Balance and it is amazing. I ran out for a month a year or ago and the depressed, hopeless feelings returned. I never run low on Women Balance again. 2009 6 month old daughter was born with ulcerating vascular tumor on her lower sacrum, and covering 80% of her bottom. This tumor is not cancerous but acts malignant that it grows rapidly for two years. We have had trouble with it getting infected because of the constant contact with stool from her bottom. She has had to be hospitalized and 's a specialist regularly. Her specialist only allows pure petroleum jelly to be applied to it along with the anti-biotic cream. After recieving information sheet from Mariah about Leaf Extract with order I decided to mix two droppers full of the extract with 1 cup of petroluem jelly. I applied it to daughters infected tumor. Within 1 a day the infection looked much better. After 1 day it was almost gone, 2 days later it was completely gone. We now use this mixture daily as a preventative. We are IMPRESSED. This is amazing stuff. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! 2009 Just want to let you know how happy we are with your HHA Respir8. was on 2 inhalers a day for his asthma. He had to take one of them twice a day. The other is called his rescue inhaler. He has been taking Respir8 for a few months now and has been off his twice a day inhaler for about 2 months. What a God send. He has been on that one inhaler for over 20 years with his asthma getting progressively worse. His asthma is better than it has been years thanks to Respir8. Rarely does he have to use his rescue inhaler. As you I have ordered 6 more bottles of it for him. Thank you for all your great medicines and all go well for you the future. Sincerely... Hune 2009 Just wanted to let you know that husband did follow your advice about the Myosteo for his heel spur. He took all that he ordered. Wasn't as good about the calcium, but still got really good results and has no more pain his foot. We really thank you for that. 2009 Dear McCain, Thank you for all of your help the last 2 years with breathing issues. Everything you suggested helped, and after 2 years of battling shortness for breath I have finally cleared whatever it was out of body. I used everything you suggested and bought a purifier for bedroom. Earlier this year chiropractor suggested I try a liquid cleanse from Pure combination with your products which seemed to be the icing on the cake! It cleared up lungs and skin and helped me lose weight. I have never felt or looked better adult life! Of course I am still taking everything to keep building immune system, but I wouldn't be has healthy as I am today without you! 2009 You are to be commended for your passion and commitment. friend told me about his 92 year old mother and how she was unresponsive mentally that they were getting ready to put