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Retoryki film gdyby nie fakt obejrzenia jeśli znacie ale iluzją granny when she got her next electricity That's if she survived the cut live cable that would have dropped down into her front room... I'm just amazed the local kids left a trailing leccy cable the street alone if it had been round our way, that would not have been the case... Anyway here's a link to some footage from the TV show: I was doing some newspaper research a collection this evening when I found this concert review of a Blue Oyster Cult show Amsterdam. I have attached the original article AND provided the original text and rough translation for you. Anyhow, enjoy! Original text: Vuurspuwende Drumsticks AMSTERDAM Achteraf hadden de organisatoren het enige concert dat de Newyorkse Blue Oyster Cult vrijdagavond Nederland er spijt dat zij dat hadden laten plaatsvinden Paradiso en niet bijvoorbeeld) het Concertgebouw, tweemaal zo groot, dat ook gemakkelijk zou zijn volgelopen. De roem was The Cult vooruitgesneld, ondanks het feit dat de eerste platen importwinkels te koop waren en nu pas Secret Treaties en On your feet or on your knees officieel ons land uitgebracht werden. Bleu Oyster Cult werd aangekondigd als een heavy metal band. De groep vertegenwoordigt een uzikale stroming die zijn oorsprong vindt New Vork. Anders de vloeiende blues rock uit het zuiden de Verenigde Staten en de zonnige popmuziek uit Californië, is de muziek The Cult loodzwaar. 'De gitaar is het hoofdinstrument. Dat we daar niet aan hoeven twijfelen, bleek tijdens Cities on flame, toen drummer Bouchard de slaggitaar hanteerde. Op dat moment stonden er ijf gitaristen op het toneel. Ook het geluid maakte bij tijd én wijle grote indruk, hoewel opgemerkt dient te worden dat het soms aan kitsch grensde. leek de muziek sterk op het soort onzin dat groepen als Black Sabbath te berde brengen. Gelukkig waren deze momenten de minderheid en konden we vooral genieten fraaie rocknummers gebouwd op keurige riffs. De goocheltrucs die er af en toe aan te pas kwamen verhoogden de eestvreugde en onderstreepten het agressieve karakter de muziek. Een beter nummer om het optreden te beëindigen Born to be wild was nauwelijks denkbaar. DIJK From Het vre volk democratisch-socialistisch dagblad, Netherlands, November 11. Translated text: Fireworks Drumsticks AMSTERDAM Afterwards, the organizers of the only concert that the New based Blue Oyster Cult Friday evening the Netherlands regretted that they had made it happen Paradiso, and not for example the Concert Hall, twice as large, would also have been easy. The Cult's fame has grown, despite the fact that the first albums were for sale only import stores and now only Secret Treaties and On your feet or on your knees were officially released our country. Blue Oyster Cult was announced as a heavy metal band. The group represents a musical flow that originated New Unlike the flowing blues rock from the south of the United States and the pop music from California, The Cult's music is tough. The guitar is the main instrument. The fact that we did not have to worry about that was revealed during Cities on flame when drummer Bouchard used the guitar. At that moment there were guitarists on the stage. The sound also made a great impression time and time, although it should be noted that it sometimes bound to kitsch. Then the music seemed strongly based on the kind of nonsense that brought groups such as Black Sabbath Fortunately, these moments were the minority and we could especially enjoy beautiful rock songs built on neat riffs. The magic tricks that were occasionally adapted increased the most delightful and underlined the aggressive character of the music. A better to end the performance than Born to be wild was hardly imaginable. DIJK From The Free People: Democratic-Socialist Newspaper, Netherlands, November 11. Thanks I loved this bit: during Cities on flame when drummer Bouchard used the guitar. At that moment there were guitarists on the stage. Well, got the wrong, but he was right: there were indeed guitarists on the stage. BTW: Dwyer, once of is now heavily involved with updating the gig lists on if you have any Sabbath information that would help augment the gig lists over there, please contact him with your info... Drove to Cambrai from Amsterdam and spent too eating dinner opening act didn't play!! The crew dinner that was prepared for us was totally disgusting frogginess... and I can usually eat anything but this looked like Bangers and Mash after it had already been eaten and chucked back up... with Xtra onions... We refused to eat it and made the promoter pay for cabs and take us to eat at a nice hotel or we weren't going to do the show After having a Four meal of delicious Steak Au Poive and Pommes Frittes and some lovely asparagus and butter with a really impressive Blancmange for dessert, we made our way back over to the gig... this was the maddest I think I've ever seen Downey... the support act had no clue how to even