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Zerową Interaktywność Afrykański Taksówkarz Jak Wygląda

Pominął system zaś światem i przed życiu, i działalności blu just after those relations went cold. Jews organized of the protests among the Arab I read some more Israelis are dying to get him off and get back to the days when Turkey didn't care about and where they were roaming. after Young Turks consider Turkey the biggest partner after USA and UK. But Erdogan shifted policies and the West, and want to get rid of him. I disagree with Erdogan and treatment, but he also the game with Putin. We should support him for he had courage to stand against and the West and that's the why they want to throw it. And Turkish people are idiots, and 't that Israelis and Jews are going the other way to get rid of him. Erdogan, Putin, Syria's Bashar -Assad and Iran's Mahmud Ahmadineyad are only lefts to oppose them and not just some idiotic Muslims. Their countries had more history than anyone and gave us some great minds. They are way too different from the rest of Muslim world. I meant Iran and Syria have more history than most of other countries and know Jews politics too well. Erdogan from Turkey is the only one opposing them. The rest of Turkish people are westernized their minds and think the democracy that West wants to bring is going to help them. Erdogan jump started the economy of Turkey like putin did with Russia. Without their polices both of those countries would be Jewish hands and destroyed. KathJuliane Dear I've located a press release from Group LeMond on our National Public Radio: This much is certain: Hebdo live another day. The magazine, which was the target of a deadly attack Wednesday, be kept going through financial and editorial backing from some of 's largest media groups. Luc Bronner, a top editor at Monde, a leading French newspaper, tweeted a joint letter from Groupe Monde, which owns Monde, as well as public broadcasters Radio and Televisions. The letter says the three media organizations are offering Hebdo their equipment and staff to ensure the magazine continues to publish. It also invites other French media organization to join the effort to preserve the principles of editorial independence and freedom of thought principles that are fundamental to our democracy. It was signed by: Mathieu Gallet, President-directeur general of Radio Drefus, President du directoire, Groupe Monde Remy Pflimlin, President-directeur general de Television Excerpt from Occidental Observer: Guillaume Durocher The System: 's inbred media elite Jews are by no means overwhelmingly dominant 's media management and ownership, although they are over-represented. A rather large proportion of senior journalists are Jews. although the composition is constantly changing. French media control is remarkably concentrated a group of State officials and private oligarchs, the latter mostly from the financial, telecoms, arms manufacturing and fashion sectors. Most of these industries are themselves heavily intertwined with the State as client and or as regulator. particular, TV and radio are dominated by the State and telecoms. Newspapers and magazines are owned by various oligarchs and are generously subsidized by the State They overwhelmingly promote globalist views line with the interests of the Euro-French regime and mega-corporations who control them. Players include: The State: controls domestic public TV and radio, France24 and half of Franco- channel Arte The Monde Group: owned by a trio of fashion-financial-telecom oligarchs, run by Dreyfus, controlling Monde Courrier international Monde diplomatique and 6% of the Perdriel Group. The Perdriel Group: owned by Perdriel, raised by a Jewish family controls center-left magazine Nouvel Observateur, news site Rue89, business magazine Challenges, and 6% of the Monde Group. Serge Dassault: arms manufacturer, born of a Jewish family converted to Catholicism, he has never shown any particular interest Jewish activism, and is owner of conservative newspaper Figaro, one of the mainstream media more sympathetic to nationalists. The leftist-globalist Libération, co-owned by financier Édouard de Rothschild. The newspaper La Croix is perhaps the best on nationalist issues; it has kept its independence and its readership is growing. addition, a large swathe of media are dependent on advertising giant Publicis, which is Jewish-run,