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Żeby owocowała jakimś wyprawa do drugiej jest prawdy czy felą Middle School. Everything learned Puppy Kindergarten be revisited and expanded upon to advance your dog's training. We introduce place, how to start walking off leash and continue to develop good mannered behaviors. This class is best taken immediately after completing Puppy Kindergarten. Obedience 101. This class is for dogs that have not had obedience class before and are too old for Puppy Kindergarten. We teach a solid foundation of canine manners. We introduce sit, down, come, stay and heel or walking on a loose leash. Some time also be devoted to individual training issues such as crate training, chewing and biting, and any other behavioral issues that individuals have. All our classes are very supportive and interactive. We welcome all questions and have all levels of pet owners the class. Other topics covered this class are discussions around dog parks, personal space for dogs, pet nutrition wait and leave it. Advanced Obedience. This class is a continuation of everything your dog learned Obedience 101, and is best taken right after completing Puppy Kindergarten or Obedience 101. We continue work on your dog's training and development. Advanced Obedience builds upon the foundations of your dog's training thorough repetitive positive practice and enhancement of skills already known. We also introduce new skills such as the place command, maintaining focus during distractions, and begin off leash training. This class is meant to deepen the skills for your dog, and to develop consistent, repeatable behaviors as well as confidence and pride. Stay Train. Bring your dog to Wagging Tails Pet Resort to stay and we'll do the training! Board your dog with us and sign up for at least 10 days of one-on-one time with an experienced dog trainer. Your trainer discuss your training and behavioral goals and develop a training plan. When your Stay Train is complete, your trainer meet with you and teach you how to prompt those behaviors your dog has learned! It's the perfect way to train for those who travel or have a busy schedule. Kimberly Radke has been caring for and training dogs for over 19 years. She is the owner of Exclusive Pet Sitting and Dog Training located Rochester MN. She is a twice Certified Dog Trainer graduating from National K-9 School for Dog Training located Columbus, OH which focused on Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Therapy Dog Training, Kennel Management, Police Dog Training, Police Bite Work, and Scent Detection Training. In 2006 attended No Limitations Sit Means Sit School located Las Vegas, where she received her certification Remote Collar Dog Training, Bite Safety Instruction and Dog Swimming Instruction. loves all animals but has a special passion and gift for working with dogs. She has done extensive training with high risk breeds and aggressive cases. Her personal philosophy is to just let dogs be dogs and help owners learn and create a balanced and happy animal household. is certified Pet First Aid and Canine Hydrotherapy. She has taken courses Emergency Animal Sheltering and FEMA Emergency Management with her focus on animal emergency crisis. has managed a large boarding facility for 3 years and served as Director of her local Humane Society for 4 years. Currently is working full time for Invisible Fence of Southern MN as a Pet Consultant and Certified Pet Trainer as well as teaching classes at Wagging Tails Pet Resort. She loves volunteering and helping others. She is also a dedicated MN Twins Fan, GO TWINS!! and loves to golf and travel her spare time! grew up Monticello Minnesota and has lived the Rochester area since 2001. Is my dog too old to train?. Absolutely not, old dogs can learn new tricks. Sometimes, mature dogs are easier to train because they have less energy than they were as a puppy and have better attention to focus. We use positive reinforcement and repetition to teach your dog the appropriate manners and behaviors. Your dog gain confidence and joy while building his skills. dog is shy and fearful, can your training help my dog?. Yes, we start by developing and nurturing a trustful relationship with your dog, our trainers and you. We show him that there is nothing to fear. By developing his confidence, we can