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Szlachetność młoda własnych wad, ale nastolatki debiut sukces dobie bezpiecznych cold icy waters or knee-deep tall grass on a dry sunny day, the H 2 O is designed with the harshest environments mind. The H20 series training collars feature over a one mile range. by from by from I got this collar about three months ago for stubborn lab. Other collars did nothing, or very little for him, but with this collar, he showed a very big turn-around and is ready for next season. The only change I would make to this collar would be longer prongs. I have to tighten the collar down very tight for it to shock him good. by from by from by from by from by from by from 1 Hello, All prices are US dollars. We do not have our website set up to sell internationally due to the complexities of shipping internationally. If you call us directly at -8364 or e-mail us directly at we be glad to help you out. this helps. Hello, The light should light up to indicate charging. I have included charging instructions description below. If your unit is not working as such, you need to replace batteries, or charger: CHARGING THE BATTERIES All H2O PLUS Series TM units are equipped with rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, which are not memory sensitive and do not require depletion before recharging. Although batteries come partially charged from the factory, it is recommended that they are given a full charge before initial use. Battery Charging Procedure 1. Make sure the unit is off. 2. Plug the charger into a standard electrical outlet. 3. Connect the splitter cable to the charger and plug the ends into the appropriate units The SmartLED should light solid red while charging. 4. Charging is complete when the SmartLED turns green 5. When charging is complete, disconnect the battery charging cables from the receptacles, securely replace the rubber battery receptacle covers, and test unit. WARNING: DO NOT CHARGE WHILE UNIT IS WET! Rechargeable batteries typically last about 2 years on average depending on use and care. Keep batteries away from flammable substances. 20 for more information on battery maintenance. Here is a link to the Owner's https: media wysiwyg userguides H2O_PLUS_SmartLED_Manual.pdf this helps. Hello, We not have any more of the 1810 stock. That product is being discontinued. We do have the 1820, which is very similar to the 1810, but includes a vibrate function. link here: https: products remote-trainers h2o-plus h2o-1820-plus.html Also we have the new RAPT 1400 unit. link here: https: products remote-trainers rapt rapt1400.html this helps. CONTACT US ABOUT OUR AVAILABLE ADULTS at 207-5405 ANOTHER WELL TRAINED SHEPHERD EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY and TEMPERAMENT From The Zwinger Himmel Program. Member SV Germany. SERIOUS INQUIRIES PHONE 207 5405 References Available Worldwide First Time Clients Repeat Clients, Breeders, Police, Show, Work Homes to name a few. All Training Levels Available. Please read our Website before contacting us. Original Message Subject: Pictures of Jayden Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 From: Clift To: Tortorella Dear If you scroll to the bottom you find a zip file with pics of They are very casual and give you idea of some of his everyday life with us here He is 100% a family member. and I are still with our wonderful K-9 trainer every Saturday to continue both his Behavioral Training and Bite work. Absolutely cannot imagine life without JJ he is integrated into our everyday life. He starts off sleeping with us the bedroom on his own orthopedic doggie bed and at some point, wanders out into the landing he can guard the house as he has upstairs view of the downstairs and also outside! Of course, JJ is up-to-date on all his shots. He loves to go trotting off into the woods with us after a good run the fields snow, rain and fair weather. The of trails here are fantastic. Yes we have to use the Flee and Tick stuff as well as the Heart Guard. You can from one of the pictures of JJ and me on the outside patio couch The Kissy pic we are definitely I think it is wonderful that JJ seems equally bonded to both and me. I know it is usually a little one sided but the three of us share equal loyalty Thank you much, once again, for choosing this amazing GSD for us. Still have to pinch outselves! Blessings to you and JJ, and SOLD TO OUR CLIENT UPSTATE NEW YORK Subject: Tigua Domkowski Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2017 From: Domkowski To: Tortorella Tigua turned 2 on 6th.. Dennis, Tigua, and myself are pretty inseparable. She has done excellent job of training us..we her like nothing thank u for trusting us to take care of her. We've never had a GS that loves the water.. can't get her out of the pool!