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Akademią wampirów i antonioni nielegalnie dla reżysera powściągnąć wyraźną dychotomię Power, Olameter Corporation, Kentucky Utilities, the Visiting Nurses Association and more. enjoys competition with her own dogs, and has titled conformation, obedience, agility, rally obedience, herding, terrier racing, nosework, barn hunt, lure coursing, dock jumping, Schutzhund, French Ring Sport, Campagne and UKC Dog Sport. She has judged countless personal protection trials throughout the United States and Canada, is the was also the first woman to be licensed as a United Kennel Club Service Dog Trial Judge for ALL classes of Dog Sports, allowing her to officiate at Police Dog I and Police Dog II trials, as well as all other levels of certification offered by the UKC Dog Sport program. She was additionally qualified to select and certify helpers decoys for the program, and her license has now been expanded to include UKC Nosework is truly unique among trainers for her vast knowledge, years of experience and unmatched expertise every area of dog training. also has a long history of service to the world of dogs. She began raising puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind when she was 9 years old and has evolved into award winning trainer and high--trial competitor participating obedience, agility, weight pull, rally obedience, conformation, nosework, dock jumping, barn hunt, French Ring Sport, UKC Dog Sport and personal protection. She is accomplished decoy of national notoriety, and was the first woman certified as a United Kennel Club Trial decoy for all levels of Dog Sport. Lori is certified numerous other venues to provide expert training for biting dog sports. is a Dog World Award winning trainer and high--trial competitor; involved obedience and protection sports since 1982, and conducting dog obedience instruction a private, group and club format since 1985. has titled her own dogs conformation, obedience, agility, rally obedience, nosework, terrier racing, lure coursing, barn hunt, dock jumping, K9 Pro Sports, Schutzhund, French Ring Sport and UKC Dog Sport. She has judged personal protection tournaments throughout the Midwest since 1995 and is a UKC Performance Judge licensed for Family Obedience, Dog Sport Nosework and Terrier Racing Our combined 62 years of training programs have graduated over 19 dogs from our facilities to date! We specialize preventing dog behavior problems by educating dog owners through personalized private home visits, group classes or -kennel boarding school training, using positive, praising methods of dog obedience instruction. We provide the knowledge, understanding and expertise necessary to teach your dog good behavior rather than simply punishing what you might perceive as bad behavior. The overall well-being of the dog is then achieved through a special balance of loving attention, exercise and a sense of purpose derived through training. Our philosophy of offering the very best breeding and training possible works to ensure each puppy buyer is happy with their Car Kennels dog, and for it to be a loved member of the family for its lifetime. We our website let you get to know us, our values and our facilities. Our Dutchies have consistently ranked the United Kennel Club TOP 10 Breed Standings since 2006 The UKC is the kennel club of registry for the Shepherd here the United States since 1995; they are not eligible for AKC registration. Car Kennels has produced more UKC titled Shepherds than any other breeder the world! embraces the United Kennel Club Dog philosophy which promotes the working aspect of the pure bred dog, and we strive to produce dogs that look AND perform equally well. OUR DOGS DO STUFF®. We produce dogs that enjoy protection sports, obedience, nosework, agility, rally, dock jumping, terrier racing, lure coursing, flyball, barn hunt, weight pull AND compete the show ring. We have bred numerous dogs working search rescue, as service assistance dogs, alert dogs, detection dogs, tracking dogs seminars since 1979, and is a paid consultant this matter to numerous employers such as the United States Postal Service General Telephone and Electronics Accu-Read Services, Arizona Public Service Cinergy, Consumers Energy, Delmarva Power, DTE Energy, Duke Energy, Family Independence Agency Lansing Board of Water and Light, Olameter Corporation, Unibar Damage Prevention Group, United Parcel Service of Visiting Nurse Association of and more. our We are proud of our affiliation with the United Kennel Club. Established 1898, the United Kennel Club is the largest all-breed performance-dog registry the world, registering dogs from all 50 states and 25 foreign countries. This registry supports the Dog philosophy which promotes the working aspect of the pure bred dog, and designs its events for dogs that look AND perform equally well. UKC dog shows are family events designed by and for the breeder-owner-handler, and ban the use of Professional Handlers exhibiting dogs for others at conformation UKC dog shows, the emphasis is on the DOG, not the SHOW. To learn more about the United Kennel Club, simply click on the