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Oglądamy później łatwo swego serca jak literacki pierwowzór też jego to a nine month school and Pulaski Elementary School a building used for a hospital during the Civil War. Just prior to this move, school had been held the basement of the Massey Boys School. Teachers were allowed to live the little upstairs dormitory rooms of the closed Massey School although cracks were forming some of the rooms. Money was not available for teachers to pay rent. She graduated Peabody College 1942. After sixteen years first grade from 1930 to 1946 she transferred to first grade Winter Garden, near and taught there twenty three years, then stayed on the town after retirement this beautiful section of the country until 1981 before moving back to Pulaski. Forty two years of teaching first grade has offered opportunities and pleasures. After and Turner moved to this Old House 1927 there was gaiety and activity with three children working and playing on the hills and valleys. Much hard work was necessary, as times the thirties and forties were years with not much spending money. There were Campbell, and All graduates of Campbellsville High School. Campbell served the U.S. Army Germany part of three years. We missed him from our halls on two Christmases. He returned 1955 and married Nesbitt of Gallatin. They lived Pulaski and became a Licensed Practical Nurse and worked a number of years at Giles County Hospital. Turner's daughter, graduated at College then at the University of Tennessee Home Economics Home Demonstration work and became a Home Demonstration Agent Sumner Co. Gallatin, Tennessee. She married Harrell of Gallatin and they moved to Russellville, Kentucky where three children were born. Harrell Jr. and they are expecting their first child 1989. Harrell is employed at Printers and is a teacher at a local college and working on her doctrine English. married Terri They have two children, age 6 and Anne age 3. They are employed with a family insurance business. Both boys married Glasgow, Kentucky girls after they moved from Russellville. was born next Russellville and moved to Glasgow when she was small, and lives there now. She completed her training as a beautician. She is working part time as a beautician and also works at a local company the dietary department. was born Glasgow and is enrolled his third year music at Middle Tennessee State University, where he is training to be a band master. and Turner's youngest child, born 1931 grew up on the farm and went to the University of Wyoming at Laramie and played on the football team for four years and then ROTC training.After graduation, he married daughter of pioneer family the ranching business. served the Army as second Lieutenant at Fort Benning and Missouri.He then settled on a ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming raising cattle and race horses.Their three girls enjoyed riding and ranch life.Their oldest daughter Betsey married Jack and with children Jamie, and live California where she is a homemaker and substitute teacher.Karen went into television after winning the title of 1984, but is now occupying her time caring for Taylor and Katheryn, identical twin girls almost a year old and occasionally making commercials for television.She married Curt Jr., Sports Director for ABC television New York City.The youngest child has just finished a five year college course with a B.A. degree and teach Dramatics and Music this fall. After the death of Turner lived alone and life was quiet and lonely.Turner had always put his days farming and raising stock and now had to take on housekeeping also, a chore he did not like or find much time for.With the help of his daughter--law, he got through those years.The farm was bought by Campbell and and after modernizing still strong sturdy frame the family moved 1976 and I was beautiful and functional on the interior and more attractive every way. went to College and then continued on to graduate at The University of Alabama Huntsville 1978 with a B.S. 1980, she married Eugene Hickerson of .They have a six year old and a three year old daughter who enjoys riding ponies and horses and makes the grandfathers enjoy hose shows and riding parades. The youngest girl, Susan attended High School at Richland School and served through several years of cheerleading.She graduated from High School there and married Jeffery English Montgomery of Pulaski 1986.He is airman E4 at Field, Fort Beach, .They have a little Jeffery, Jr. age 2 and return for visits.They are expecting another child 1989.Susan is a homemaker and works part-time. I have seen changes take place since I first took stand here early the 1800 and walls are strong and useful and are is that each generation leaves a good heritage of highest ideas and habits of obedience to God and Country.I they instill each inhabitant appreciation of our blessings being able to worship and serve God such a way that those dwelling this house be eternally blessed with a heritage. Let the team at Pet Dog Training assist you with the best training solutions for you and your dog, your dog becomes a well-mannered member of your family and a happy, well socialised canine citizen. 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