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Historycznym narracyjną ale mają one gry to jak nawet nie image complex with clicker training! I freely admit I couldn't finish the good doctor's post; too annoying. As annoying as she found the book. The smug self satisfaction of the positiveists is sad. Of course they have some great points, but not exclusive and they mis a few kty things. But I have the same observation for both the monks and the smug modernists…let me introduce bulldogs. For the monks, bulldogs are not looking for a leader; they are the leader. And that's not negotiable. For the modernists, go ahead, try positive reinforcement. See where it gets you. Smug modernists is a great name for a band. Not sure what it means this conversation. It is expected that once someone offers opinion based on experience and data, people who hold opposing view become defensive. whether we respond or act within that defensive emotion or let it pass before we respond is the real crux of the matter. Let's find our better selves again. Very happy to be the smug modernists camp. And not sure if positiveist is actually a word dog training? However, these kind of posts reflect concerns that part of the wider problem is we have millions of people happily posting millions of uninformed opinions that be forever burned into the cybersphere. They are often ferociously posted with a lack of scientific literacy and critical thinking ability. Particularly the case of 's experience on Facebook, what concerns me is the devotion that it seems to be OK to electrocute your dog the name of training because the seductive name of the collar lulls some people into a false sense of security that it doesn't really hurt, it just stimulates, neglecting or omitting the scientifuc fact behind the learning of it didn't hurt it wouldn't work. view is that the Monks condone abusing and traumatising dogs. The lack of education is something we need to empathise with and try to help as best we can. Because no amount of empirical evidence or data is going to change hearts and minds when people are not even aware of their own biased ways of thinking. As LisaW says, defensiveness often is the default. What we can do is support the PPG their pledge to teach dogs #shockfree Please sign it and share this widely because it is a positive action that we can do to try to change hearts and minds to stop abusing animals the name of training. Excellent review, based on actual science. I, too, have learned a lot over the years. But, I accept that I am the exception rather than the rule when it comes to owner. I look for reviews such as Dr. McConnell's to guide me opening up new paths to follow. I expect that there is much for us to still learn about owning and training dogs. I urge Dr. McConnell and other educated, benevolent leaders to continue to conduct and publish research that enable us to improve ourselves and our bond with our dogs. Thank you for this review. It's excellent. It is very sad to me that people like this are still the dog trainng world and getting books published. I once took the Monks to task on their facebook over one of their books, maybe the last one I can't remember. There was a paragraph on how to hurt your dog to make it listen. Maybe it told you how to hit or punch something like that. I asked them politely how they could reconcile their punitive methods with their supposed philosophy as monks and of course their religion. I got a really vague answer that said nothing. I replied that I felt they should be ashamed to call themselves men of God and still espouse this sort of abuse to what they should regard as one of God's creatures. Whenever I one of their books at local library I remove it, usually with another abusive dog trainer's book, and put it somewhere the library among the fiction because that's where it belongs. There is no room the 21st century for trainers to abuse animals when there is much science to show that it is cruel and unnecessary and we can train animals without pain or fear. No one-size-fits-all training approaches here! Wading through the morass of conflicting information about training techniques can be confusing and frustrating. Much better to match the training to the dog. I'll custom build a training plan just for you-based on your training goals and your dog's personality and learning style. Training only works if it fits your lifestyle. Too trainers assign clients heavy homework loads, only to blame a lack of progress on your failure to turn your work. That's not fair! As your personal dog trainer, I'll do as much of the training for you as I can-that only makes sense! 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