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Pragnieniem zemsty jest ciała słabną wiotczeją robi komuś koło pamiętają the company. the mean time, she is enjoying her time at the ranch playing with her sisters and working with our trainers. is absolute sweetheart and we having her with us. She came to Little Angels with the others from Ukraine and instantly won everyone over. She is currently being fostered with one of our trainers where she hopefully be bred once she gets older. We have high hopes for and can't wait to her mature! Status: Hi Everyone! It's Ziggy! Guess what?! After I left family and went back to the ranch for awhile I got to come here to the Prison Program with some of the other pups from the ranch! Everyday I get to spend time with humans that are teaching me lots of tricks to help furever person some day. I can do great things like sit stay down touch wait heel. These tricks are actually pretty easy for me! I'm also learning really cool things like push and pull. Some day these tricks help me open and close cabinets and refrigerators! Want to hear a funny story? When one of the humans wanted to teach me pull, I thought she was pretty silly. I didn't really think that was something I wanted to do…UNTIL…she started putting the pull rope HER mouth! WHAT?! Then she bit it!! Then it looked like she was about to eat MY treat! After she did this stuff 3 times, I finally gave and just took the rope and MY treat and decided that pull was not bad after all. Dear human-stay away from treats please! Adventures: Adventures are fun! There are special places inside and outside that we can go to relax, play and also do some work. Sometimes adventures include going to other rooms that have humans who might feel sad or sick. That does not make me feel happy for them. I get to do this special thing called paws up and put myself onto their lap. Usually this makes them feel much better. One silly human did not want me to make her feel better and she told me down and no. I wasn't a good listener and I kept touching her and pushing head on her and guess what? She finally started laughing and hugging me. I have a special way to know when humans need a little Ziggy to feel better. Goals: We all have goals we are working on to make us better service dogs. I have a very BIG goal to work on. Even though I am amazing with lots of tricks I am not amazing at being left alone crate. YIKES! I try to tell those humans that I do not want to be left alone and they 't always listen. I have no choice but to bark and bark and bark some more. Humans 't really like that much. They tell me No, Quiet! I stop barking-until they leave the room! Then I do it again. Sometimes they trick me and hide right outside the door- OOPS! I work hard at knowing it is okay to have a little time alone to relax and rest. RUFF!! Please come check on a month to if I have finally stopped barking! Ziggy Status: Hi Everyone! It is me, Zoey! I am back at the ranch and working with on all of tricks! Even though is training human ALL they trainers at the ranch really me! I'm pretty cute and have a spunky personality-I'm not sure what that means but I do know I get lots of attention from the humans around the ranch. I am doing well with basic commands and at the same I have lots of energy- bum likes to wiggle and body gets very happy sometimes-especially when other dogs are around. It can be really hard to focus on listening to when other dogs are around calling name too. They like to try to distract me and for someone like me that is happy and friendly, it is hard to block them out. When and I are alone I am pretty good at focusing, but goodness, I like to play with friends too. Adventures: and I are