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Jest psychologiczne, wszystkich szerokim nawet przez męża siłą władzy dziura and Nordic dork…came to Steamboat for the pursuit of mountain biking and all things that go along with mountains…not sure what his first bike was It had two wheels and I was hooked.…current bicycles include: Moots MX YBB, Vamoots RSL, Moots Psychlo X RSL X 2, and a tandem from the early 70's…favorite Steamboat Springs rides are a cyclocross tour of town and Mountain with his kids…way too favorites outside of the Yampa Valley to list however, Park Providence, RI is the best CX venue the US…Dream cycling trip is touring the Netherlands with his family the admires his wife and her ability to multi task and wrangle our family…espresso oatmeal before a ride, after, a giant burrito…when not on one of his bikes, is thinking about how to get out on a ride… credits his parents for introducing him to cycling They taught me how to ride and also took me to BMX races growing up. Working at Moots means I get to work the proverbial candy shop for bike nerds, which allows me to pursue passion for riding and racing. It also means that I get to help guide this amazing company and be here as it has grown from a 5 person shop to almost 25 characters that only care about building the best. At Moots three years… Steamboat Springs since 2007 …originally from Eugene, Oregon…a snowboarder…came to Steamboat Springs for the and stayed for the current bike the Furtado…Outside of working, she can be found her backyard trails of …off her bike loves hiking and happy hour the summertime, come she digs snowboarding and couch hangs with pumpkin spice candles…She loves going to concerts Red Rocks locally, and the occasional European trip to follow her favorite artist has irrational fear of people walking behind her on stairs, and has affinity for all dogs, especially Einstein the office corgi. Awesome people doing awesome things. A good crew and a fun job makes the arrival of Monday morning pretty alright. Started at Moots July 6th 2015…been Steamboat 5 months…moved to Steamboat for his job at Moots…hometown is Baltimore, MD…telemark skier and snowboarder…current bicycles are a custom steel road and a mountain bike he built himself before his time at Moots. He's still figuring out what his first Moots be…needs to ride more Steamboat trails to pick a favorite. However, he's partial to Morning Gloria on Mountain…Outside of the Steamboat area Luke names the White Clay Creek Middle Run Newark, DE or Patapsco Valley State Park, MD as favorites…after a ride get this a burrito. At Moots going on 8 years and 11 months…been Steamboat Springs 14 years on and off…hometown is Waterbury CT…came to Steamboat for something different…first bike was a trash day find that was stripped, repainted and pinstriped by his dad…current bikes: Moots MX RSL SS, MX YBB SS, Psychlo X RSL SS, Frosthammer, Vamoots Compact, Intense SS2, Seven Cycles Elium Race Track Bike, 2001 Independent Fabrication Steel Deluxe and a few more…favorite ride is anywhere quiet…when not riding you'll find Mattie with his dog, Length of time at Moots, not as as Butch.…came to Steamboat for his job at Moots…from Delaware…when asked what type of skier he'll tell you he fat bikes…first bike he can really remember is a Torker BMX, around '89…as a kid, cycling gave Nate the opportunity to get outside and go far…current bicycles, I'm told to .…favorite Steamboat area ride is Soda Mtn…outside of Steamboat the trails Northern Delaware…dream cycling trip It would be both distance and time. It needs to be warm, I spend too much time riding the cold. I would like some big hills, but would also like it to be close to a coast line. Hopefully there are lemonade stands along the way, with lots of good food stops about…I'm still looking!…Nate admires the new generation he's impressed with their skill, ability, and enthusiasm, Cycling has a good future, and I'm glad to be a part of it.…pre and or post ride food, Come on, pizza.…off the bike you are?, That doesn't happen often. Since 1981 we've designed and built a lot of bikes, we've pedaled countless and have happily welcomed owners into the Moots family. At Moots riding has always been a way of life and it's our livelihood rest assured we're committed to handcrafting bikes and components for years to come. Proud of our storied history, we've selected several milestones to share. Moots Cycles has been handcrafting bicycle frames Steamboat Springs, CO since 1981. The company is known for building the finest quality titanium road, mountain, cross, and specialty bicycle frames, and select components from its facility the Mountains. Moots bikes are enjoyed by cycling enthusiasts for their unsurpassed ride