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Skutecznie podkręcać się zasadzie sekwencji okazuje i psychiatrii falk aktorki loud I woke the neighbors. Contrast And There Was Much Rejoicing and Take That, Scrappy!. See Also: Never Speak Ill of the Dead; A Death the Limelight:. Compare Death Equals Redemption. Not to be confused with Alas, Poor Villain or Alas, Poor Yorick. As a Death Trope, all spoilers be unmarked ahead. Beware. From the series: Hathaway 's situation got worse as time went on after Quess bit it the novel he joins a terror organization called Mafty, becomes their leader, and smashes stuff up his badass Xi Gundam. the end he was captured and executed on orders Bright which had... let's just say, a devastating effect on him. You'd have to be to not feel at least a bit sorry for after this. Yes, including Hathaway himself. Yanagi from is not well liked and his misogynistic ways and even trying to one of the girls makes it very easy to hate him. But not only does he redeem himself by dying a Heroic Sacrifice, giving him the dignity that he actually possesses, but one cannot help but feel terrible for him because instect stung him and laid its egg within him, making him a breeding for its and their hatching is unpleasant.: Supporter Kiyomi Takada ends up getting kidnapped by Mello as a part of his Batman Gambit to reveal Light as She's stripped by him and then kills him with a death note scrap she hid her bra. Genuinely frightened and trapped inside a truck, she wraps herself a bedsheet and then takes his phone and calls Light, asking him to come rescue her. Instead, he writes her name the Death Note that she commits suicide by setting herself on fire, by far his coldest and most heartless kill. Misa's Scrappyhood, and her ending, which got past people. the close credits, she mirrors dress and demeanor earlier scene when she sings about her trust and devotion to Light. She follows the same route, ending at a veranda where she sadly and wistfully looks off into the sky, only this time she's standing the railing... Quite a few viewers of did not like Asuka very much at all and spent most of the series wishing bad things on the character. Then she was horrendously mind raped, revealing her tragic Freudian Excuse, fired from the project, disappeared, and was found later as a suicidal broken mess laying a bathtub a ruined building. And that's just the original series. she's still a coma and Shinji comes to her hospital room and wanks over her that state. Then she comes back into action after realizing her mother's soul is her protecting her. She defeats nine Mass Produced Evas, each with the best weapon of the series and unlimited power, only to have her stabbed the eye, utterly mangled, eaten alive, and its organs ripped out. She somehow survives and makes one last attempt to fight back. She fails, and dies by being impaled about 12 times. This tended to make the fans more sympathetic. She felt all of this happen because of the neural link. At the very least, she somehow comes back to life the epilogue mostly unharmed. But considering the fact that the first thing Shinji does after waking up with her the only other human currently left is making attempt to choke her to death, followed by her exclaiming sickness oh, and let us not forget that the reason she's a Bandage Babe at the end is due to the injuries her Evangelion suffered particular, her eye is covered up and the last thing anyone saw of her was her Evangelion being eaten by the MP Evas... Tousen earned a great deal of dislike during his fight with Kenpachi; he removes Kenpachi's senses then lectures a deaf, defenseless Kenpachi toying with him instead of ending it. It gives Kenpachi a chance to adapt and turn the tables. Once his motives for siding with Aizen against Soul Society came out, the dislike worsened. He is motivated by a for peace and a decision to find the path of least bloodshed towards achieving that peace... by supporting a that incites civil war within Soul Society and who follows up that civil war with a war between Shinigami and Hollows. His reasoning is therefore viewed as stupid and hypocritical by fans and was cemented further when the first thing he did upon regaining his sight was insult his oldest and most friend, Komamura. However, when he's thoroughly defeated, barely able to talk and finally confronted by Hisagi and Komamura, he admits that he was the wrong. The trio start to have a surprisingly tender reconciliation... and Tousen blows up the middle of it, leaving Komamura screaming