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Dygresja skierowana do jak wasilewski który wizję eskapistycznego jej ciążowych are to be treated with respect, unconditional and care. I came to Arlington from France at the age of 4 and I attended Arlington Public Schools. Upon graduating I attended first years at the American University Puebla, Mexico. I returned to the area and graduated from Washington University. Am I bilingual or trilingual? Yes, I speak Spanish and I understand menu French. I am able to speak affectionate terms into your pet's ears. Thank you for entrusting your to me. Moffett Hi there! name is and I am happy to have the opportunity to care for your 'l one A DC native, I've grown up surrounded by animals; brother and I have had dogs since we were small and played with our friend's cats for years. Once a adult, I began to cats, eventually adopting one lovable furry pal. I still occasionally visit the Animal Welfare League to shower some affection on those who are still waiting for a forever home and I would to shower some on your 'l loved one! I was born and raised VA. I have always been a natural with animals, favorite being dogs. I grew up with a shepherd and grandparents also had a cat. I have worked a job a pet friendly building for 5 years which has taught me much about dogs and their different personalities. The dogs I have walked and sat for quickly become close friends. I truly enjoy and look forward to taking care of your animals as if they were own. K.C. Becker Hi, I'm K.C. I was born and raised Iowa and moved to DC this year. Prior to moving to DC I lived with beloved dog CeCe, for 9 years. While I ran own pet concierge business. I look forward to providing the same great service to all of new customers DC. Phoebe Inviere I've lived Northern since I was ten years old, moving from parents' house Arlington to Falls Church and then to where I live now with wife our two cats, and our turtle. Growing up, family always had at least one dog, and I used to taking childhood dog, Tippy, on walks through Arlington. I still help look after parents' dog and cat, and I firmly believe looking after clients' pets with as much care as if they were own. When I'm not dog walking, I am studying IT at Governors University. Roa I was born, raised, and have been living the same house Arlington, VA for 35yrs. I grew up a household that always had a pet dog. for animals grew as I got older. 2006, I was diagnosed with Thyriod Cancer. During first year of treatment, I needed companionship while I stayed at home and husband was at work. That is when we welcomed our Chihuahuas, and Papo, into our family. As a cancer survivor of 10yrs, I can thank furry children and husband for helping me get through a tough time life. Over the years, I've become advocate for dog adoptions. Last November we fostered a Chiweenie that was abandoned at a park with his siblings. The family that originally took him could no longer care for him. This is when husband and I decided to him and he became a fail. We welcomed him to our family and named him Tito. Dogs mean the world to me whether they are own or not I treat all of them as if they were own. McLaughlin Hello! I live and I am a dog and cat lover who loves giving attention to people's dogs and cats. I have been a cat owner for 14 years and before that, living rural met and made friends with animals over the years. I giving dogs attention and affection because they always seem happy to receive it and make a new friend! Animals have always been a big part of family starting out when I was a baby, we had a Siamese cat, a Cairn Terrier and a Retriever a small house all at the same time! I taking care of animals and have a freshwater aquarium as well I