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Także przybierać formę problemy uniwersalne (bezsens etykietowania film gebbe mierzony L Creatinine 288 Ref range 98mmol L Amylase 1622 Ref range 176U L Blood >3+ October phosphorous was 4 By the beginning of December had stopped urinating he had blocked. This was emergency and he was admitted to the Veterinary College again. I was always worried about the surgery because his kidneys would suffer. He had surgery to remove the stones. He came out of it but looked sorry. However, bad news followed, the vets had missed some stones and had to go back A second surgery 5 days! This did not bode well. He came out on the 18 December 06, shaky and a bet sad. He slowly improved but by the 4th 2007, he was obviously not well. Lethargic and unhappy, no appetite. He was admitted to the vets for IV fluid kidney flush. During this time I had been scouring the net for something to help I found 5 Leaf and just decided I had nothing to lose I bought the programme on Satruday thinking it would take a week or but it arrived on Monday the day that was released home TO DIE. The vets said his kidney values were sky high. Phosphorus 5 Creatinine 3 They offered to come to the house to put him to sleep. They did not even send off the urine sample because they thought he would be dead 2 days. Well, I started him on the programme IMMEDIATELY and he very slowly improved. He was eating small amount of homemade food, baby food and kidney support with with some phosphorous binder added. He had one more weekend of IV fluids the flowing weekend, just to give him a boost and get the herbs moving around his body. He gradually improved and the vets were a little baffled. I did not tell they what I was doing until I was sure beyond THEIR reasonable doubt that he really was recovering. 5 weeks into the programme a different vet suggested blood tests and they were amazed. Phosphorus down to 2 2 Creatinine 1. I was delighted and was like a new dog, his coat was glossy, he was lively and interested and his appetite was huge. We started him on Sub-Q fluids every 4 days or just to keep him on the safe side of hydrated. The herbs saved 's life and kidneys. No doubt the programme really does pull dogs back from the brink of death. with the utmost gratitude for saving and keeping alive, I salute and Five Leaf. Elizabeth McCarthy and United Kingdom Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. July 7 I take this opportunity to recommend the Canine Kidney Products that Five Leaf provided to me when 5 year old chocolate lab Love was diagnosed with renal failure February 2006. The prognosis for her recovery was not good. Because of this I got on the internet and came across the Five Leaf program. Desperate to do anything I could, I called Five Leaf and ordered the products. W. Hixenbaugh Stockdale, Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. On 26th, 2006, I took our 7 year old Keeshond, to our veterinarian due to some changes I had noticed her skin and coat, as well as her overall health which did not seem up to par. The vet tested for all the conditions that are normally manifested by her skin and coat symptoms as well as a full battery of blood and urine tests. While the test results did not show anything regarding her skin and coat, the urine test revealed that she was the early stages of chronic kidney failure. On the vet's recommendation, we proceeded with a three-day I-V hydration treatment. During that time I researched treatments on-line, and found the kidney treatment of the Five Leaf. husband and I agreed to try to Five Leaf treatment. We had just begun the treatment when the vet wanted to re-test following her hydration treatments. The results showed that 's levels had increased for the worse, but the vet did not share the actual results with me as to keep me from panicking. While continuing the Five Leaf treatment, we had 's teeth cleaned since they were quite bad. During the cleaning, the vet extracted one of her teeth as it had been fractured and was decaying. Following the completion of the Five Leaf treatment, we had tested again. The results were all perfectly NORMAL! On seeing the vet was