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Rumbę kto wie widoczna jest ludzkości a które dobrze sprawdziłaby room and space for the dog. Large dog breeds are well-suited to suburban or country living. They can make good watchdogs or even guard dogs, with the right temperament. spite of their size, large dog breeds can adapt and make good apartment dogs. If they get enough exercise, a large dog is often happy to relax and sleep the rest of the day. For example, retired Greyhound dogs can adapt well to apartments as as they get a good run regularly. They are very calm the home. The same is true of large dog breeds. Most of them are relatively calm inside the house. They save their energy for outdoors and prefer to relax all day. large breeds also have a special fondness for furniture and to nap on sofas and beds whenever they can. large breeds are very good at dog training. Some of the smartest, most trainable of all dogs fall into this size category. They are often eager to please and enjoy learning. As with all dogs, if you are interested getting a large dog breed you should do your homework on the breed to make sure it suit your particular lifestyle. There are temperaments, activity levels, grooming requirements and other differences among large breeds, make sure that the dog you're interested suits you. There are also a number of cons involved with living with a large dog. It does cost more to keep and maintain a large dog. Food costs more. Veterinary care costs more. Even dog toys cost more. However, most cases the cost of purchasing a large breed dog or puppy be much less than buying a small dog breed. Large dogs and large breed puppies are more plentiful than small dogs. Large dogs often have larger litters and there are fewer problems with whelping. The popular large breeds and mixes are also easier to find animal shelters, though it always be hard to find the rarer breeds. It also costs more to travel with large dog breeds. If you intend to fly with your large dog he have to fly as baggage, which costs much more than flying with -cabin pet. hotels and motels also refuse to accept pets that weigh more than 30 pounds. Make sure to check the pet policy of any hotel or motel where you plan to say to if your dog is welcome. Large dogs typically have a shorter lifespan than small dog breeds, living between 10 years. Their lifespan vary, depending on the particular breed, check the health and lifespan for each breed to find out what to expect. general, the larger the dog, the shorter the lifespan, though there are exceptions. As with all dogs, large breeds can have some behavior problems. Large dogs, such as the Sporting breeds, tend to chew on things, especially as puppies. Retrievers drive you crazy bringing you objects to throw for them. Some of the most popular dogs the United States are large dogs, according to the American Kennel Club registration statistics. There are also lots of large mixed breed dogs animal shelters who are always looking for homes. Here's a list of some of the most popular large dog breeds from the AKC: Important Note: The information presented within this website is general nature and is not a guarantee that all dog breeds display the same personality or physical characteristics of another, similar breed. Physical characteristics vary depending on the dog's parents and their personalities often differ depending on who is raising them and what environment they are raised, including the other dogs, pets or animals. With such a list of breeds to choose from, some people have no clue what breed would fit their needs. If that describes you and you just want a nice family pet, adopting a dog from a local shelter or Humane Society your very best option.. On the other hand, if you know exactly what you want and why, you should locate a reputable breeder who can help Disclaimer: Dogs and Dog Advice is a participant the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program,