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Zabobony i film otrzymujemy humoru i montażowe symulujące poetów którymi can also handle the dog now with this collar. I 't have time to deal with a prong collar because I'm always a rush and this collar is a great substitute. The only time I 't use it is when I take dog out to go potty with the flexi leash. dog wears the comfort collar for the flexi leash to avoid injury if she darts out. Great product, I highly recommend it as as you understand that corrections are with gradual pressure and not a tug. on Recently purchased one of these collars to try out, and possibly add to training programs. I received it today, and have used it on dog, and I must say the subtle correction and ease of use is phenomenal! I be buying more of these the future to add to training programs. I honestly feel this gives a better correction than prong collar. Absolutely amazing, and gratifying! Thank you Leerburg, and Frawley! on I have 5 of these and just ordered 2 more. I previously used Snake chains similar to choker. Since buying TRAINING DVD i have changed styles and find these much more useful BUT the thing i like most is dogs cant back up and slip out like the might a loose choker. I also use it during training show collar as a back up line. often GSD show DOGS develop a habit of slipping the show line and run off away from the handler back to their owner...which is annoying the show ring ..SAFETY IS ALWAYS number 1 priority. GREAT COLLARS on I find this works perfect for girl who is too sensitive for a prong and hates collars that make sounds like the chain of martingales do. I'm actually using late Boxer's collar which is way too big for her. I just knotted it a few times over the length of the collar and now it fits perfect. on About a yr ago I purchased a Dominant collar from you. I want to thank you for the confidence it has given me handling 150 lb puppy 3 yrs! Great Even though I took him to puppy K begin obed classes daily walks exposing him to other dogs, etc..., he became increasingly excited by other dogs. To the point where I dropped out of classes. It was hard holding back 150 lbs for hour! After a couple of fights with other dogs I was lucky to have a K-9 officer friend work with us. He did not think the dog aggressive, but overly excited which could lead to aggression. He suggested a prong collar, which I had never used on any of our previous dogs After working around other dogs for a while, the trainer was able to walk right by other dogs on a path. I even did it with the trainer present but was not comfortable doing it alone. I purchased the Dominant collar as a backup to the prong to know that I could control him if I had to. I have never had to! The only time prong D collar go on are for our walks on the green. It gave me the confidence to go back out walking with him the presence of other dogs people. I have bred Weims, shown dogs at dog shows have a therapy Great I take to nursing homes the senior center. But this other has been a challenge to say the least. He lives complete with his male, neutered, 7 yr old, Great He is 3 a neut male. For over a year I exposed him to other dogs, but at a distance. He is still interested, but brings his attention back to me for treats, exercises, etc... Your online articles helped me tremendously. Just reading that some dogs are not meant to be around other dogs helped me a lot, as all our other dogs always got along with other dogs. Otherwise, he is a very sweet, loving dog. Loves people, but has to warm up to them. Never growls or bites, thank God but still I did not want a dog I had to watch that closely. NEVER had we had one before BUT....year a half later he is a great dog with restrictions. He is even more affectionate than therapy dog. Sits on our lap, lets me brush scrape his teeth, his nails-he is a gentle giant. Thank you again for all the support your articles accessories have given me. I also have the 4' double clasp leash-great idea on Enables me after years of remote collar training I use dominant dog collar as a safety backup when I run with Ninya at side. The dominant dog collar works well when a small correction is needed for positioning at side or when I must exercise absolute control the presence of unleashed aggressive dogs. At four years of age, I still require her to wear remote collar at all times out doors when on leash or during daily focused off leash training. on I've been using the Leerburg DD Collar as a back-up for prong collars for years Started this with 100 pound Akita bitch, but