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Same potyczki dość ekranu zabawy podążający gra powstawała nie czasu himself that--that was the nickname the other faculty gave him, you know, like the Drug Czar who runs a sprawling and complicated operation. The history from Norwich is worth a whole lot less now that he's no longer teaching there. Norwich is good for filling a block, but without Dr Grenier, it's not half the experience it once was. of Arts Diplomacy July 22 I desperately wanted to believe the ideals Norwich promised to uphold from the start of the MDY program, but unfortunately they just aren't there. First and foremost, this is a private military academy. As such expectations are high, and they should be. fact, not only should the be high, they should be very high. With that, the expectation is also high from end, the student, that Norwich be squared away. If I'm going to allow you to lead me and expect me to meet a very high standard, you too should at the very least meet or exceed said standard. Again, I wish I could give Norwich a A+ here, but reality is their past level of performance is a C+ at best. The 'positive' here is that they've been consistent with their lack of consistency. Requesting and sharing of information from staff and professors with me and peers throughout time at Norwich has been inconsistent and vague at best. From issues with the course design, to contact with the on campus bookstore, I've had to check and recheck with the respective individuals just to get resolution. That is unacceptable. Moodle, the online posting platform, I've literally found three different expectations for one assignment and not one is the same. This has been addressed with the program director but little if any resolution has been had. I certainly have not received resolution after a week plus. Second, the consistency between professors is laughable at best. I put value on a professors 'usefulness' by their ability to use their pedigree to thoroughly express and expand on ideas being taught and shared. Many if not all professors are accomplished their concentration. But with that only two of the professors I've had far have understood this premise. Others merely serve as placeholders. Shame as I truly wanted to believe Norwich's promise. Finally, the work should be hard, the assignments challenging I expect this, but 't believe for a minute this program is for the working professional. Yes, people have finished their degree while holding a career at the same time, but I question their level of work and personal commitments while doing this. Simply put, if you have a tremendous professional workload and family commitments, think VERY and hard as to whether or not you wish to take on this level of commitment. I can say without a doubt that had I known then what I know now I would not have chosen this degree. Also, as sad as this is for me to admit, I would not recommend the MDY program to peers, and that really frustrates me. Why? Because there is still a small piece of me that believes Norwich can fix this, but when and how? Norwich, are you listening? Until then, the unknown ROI is simply not worth the amount of energy, frustration and very real concern for lack of yield put into this degree. the end, life is what you make of it this I know. However, putting very large amounts of time and energy into a system that is marginally at best; among other problems addressed with the Norwich Staff that are easily correctable, is not worth time, or seemingly that of others. Your mileage vary, however experience seems to be line with that of others. http: VT NU_g.html of Arts Diplomacy February 25 I recently completed the Masters Diplomacy program and waiting to attend the residency component. I found the program to be great and it met expectations. I think the pace at which the program develops is adequate and it is certainly doable if you have a full-time job. With that being said, it also takes a significant commitment and you develop a top notched time-management strategy. The program itself is structured to give the student a comprehensive but general understanding of the subject matter. If I had to offer one critique, I wish the program would have afforded more practical application. There were times where it was too theoretical. The overall online experience was what I expected and for the most part the student population came to work which made the process enjoyable. There seemed to be a significant level of diversity which led to thoughtful and robust online discussion forums. The online school platform changed the middle of the program which was a little distracting but the new platform operates ahead of the old based platform. Overall, I really enjoyed experience the Diplomacy Program and would recommend it to those who are seriously thinking about online school because a traditional setting is not option. of Military History February 5 I am hearing awful lot of negative feedback about