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Przyszłości do kin stereotyp kociołku serio powiadają którzy mieli pecha TRAINING? HOW DO YOU START WHERE DO I START? The answer depends on the exercise and if your going to shape the exercises, split the exercise or help the dog by luring it through the learning phase. The DVD I produced titled The Power of Training Dogs with Markers explains and demonstrates the concept of marker training. It shows how timing effects understanding and it breaks the system down people really get a feel for the system. The DVD I did with on The Power Of Training Dogs with Food teaches people how to set up a training program which using markers is the driving force behind the system. has developed a step by step system of using markers to build a foundation from which exercises and behaviors can be trained. The fact is these 2 DVDs have 7 hours and 35 minutes of detailed information this system. The second DVD I did with covers how to play tug with your dog. This DVD is the last part of the foundation for 's System. Once you have established his foundation you can use that base to teach behavior. To get a feel for this go read the testimonials from people who have come before you. You can watch two other streaming videos on training a human on these links: One of the best ways to get a true feeling for marker training is to train a friend. I am dead serious when I say this. DVD that I did on marker training I included several people getting trained to perform a behavior. While it be funny it truly demonstrates how a dog would feel when you are trying to shape a behavior. when you think you are beginning to understand the concept of marker training take a bag of M&M's and try training a human with markers. If you have kids, take a bowl of quarters and use them as rewards. They look at quarters as a higher value reward than M&M's. Pick a task and use the concepts of marker training. It is good for laughs and it is great to teach you how to a behavior. The fact is you learn more when you play the role of the dog and ask someone to train you. I can't stress this enough 't underestimate the value of this little game learning to have empathy for your dog training. A word to the wise when you train a human: look at your target and reward at the target this system we never give commands until the dog fully understands the signal for a behavior along with the behavior. When new trainers start this work they often ask If I am not telling the dog what I want him to do, how does he know what behavior I want to work on when I take him out today? There are two ways to train without commands: Capturing a behavior can take a time. We have used it with our horses and it's a very effective training method but it does take a time and patients. People who free really split exercises down into small pieces. Once the dog learns the behavior he is very solid its performance. We prefer to help our dog by luring with signals for what we want him to do. This is a very important step the marker training system. To really appreciate its full implication trainers need to also understand the relationship between the command and the reward this system. I discuss that detail the next chapter. Training with lures makes the process go much quicker. Ways to start training a new command Marker Training marker training commands are not added until the dog knows and understands the exercise. Commands are not added until the dog perform the exercise 8 out of 10 times that the handler gives a signal. Unfortunately people are verbal and dogs are visual. When it comes to commands this means people often name exercise or use a command to try and induce a behavior before the dog knows the behavior well enough to associate the behavior with a command. Our dogs hear us talk all day The vast majority of what we say is just