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Całkiem poważnym ale także wiele lat ale ducha powieści była film, entitled How To Pierce A Stab Proof Vest, demonstrates how to plunge a knife through protective body armour and has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times generating thousands of pounds advertising revenue. The video was made by weapons obsessive Jörg Sprave, who proudly displays on the wall of his living room a framed award from YouTube for attracting a million subscribers to his films. The Mail on easily found the film online despite promises made last week by YouTube owners Google to crack down on extremist material. Last night, Home Secretary Rudd condemned the video and demanded that YouTube take action to ensure similar films are banned. She said: ‘We not tolerate the internet being used to hide terrorist activities or, as The Mail on has revealed, provide information to assist them their terrible activities. 'Following meeting last week, internet companies including Google have agreed to work together international forum to ensure this sort of material isn't available. I want to early and effective progress.' And Labour's chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: ‘The idea that YouTube and Google should profit from something depraved is appalling. 'When are Google going to get their act together and stop making money out of vile hatred?' The revelation comes little more than a week after Khalid Masood mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge a hired car, killing three people, before killing PC by stabbing him through the chest. Yesterday, after being contacted by The Mail on YouTube removed the video but it had already been online for more than six months, earning thousands of pounds advertising revenue from companies including though they cannot choose the YouTube videos which their adverts appear. In the film, Sprave stands a wooded area of his back garden southern Germany explaining to viewers how they can modify a knife and its handle it can be used to pierce a protective vest. The one he uses is similar to the vests worn by Metropolitan Police officers. He thrusts the knife through the stab vest which is attached to a makeshift dummy. ‘Wow, look at that, I pierced the safety vest,' he boasts, adding: ‘As you can it definitely pierced deep enough to cause harm.' One member of the public commenting on the video wrote: ‘Thanks to you, a lot of people now know how to kill a police officer.' When another YouTube viewer questioned why Sprave would teach people how to pierce a stab vest, he replied chillingly: ‘Because I can, obviously.' And another outraged viewer wrote: ‘I work corrections You are putting life danger.' Sprave, 51, started making films on YouTube as a hobby around eight years ago. He became successful with his channel that he gave up his job with a electronics firm. Yesterday, when approached by The Mail on Sprave, who has 120 subscribers the UK, defended the video. Interviewed at his former hunting lodge home the village of Rothenburg near Heidelberg, he said: ‘I just want to show that people who wear these vests should not feel invincible. ‘They are still vulnerable. These vests should not be described as stab proof.' Wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan Fight Fire With Fire, he added: ‘I just test things and make videos to review all kinds of things like cameras, knives and air guns. 'If they change police equipment because I have shown it is vulnerable then I may be saving some lives. ‘I feel sorry about what happened to the policeman London. He should have had a gun to protect himself.' Police the state of Hessen were unavailable to comment yesterday. unofficial police source the local town of Erbach said: ‘We had to check on him once, but we found nothing wrong.' Sprave's other videos include