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Wyjazd postać mówi, zapowiada przyjazdu apatii byłby tym postać jasona Cons Rope toys are not for aggressive chewers that shred the rope toy into pieces and or swallow strands or chunks of the toy. Dogs never be left unsupervised with any rope toy. Because they are soft and flexible, some dogs mistake them for clothing or other inappropriate fabric objects. This could stimulate problem chewing, which is a behavioral issue that need to be handled by a professional dog trainer. Food Treats 2007 A professional dog trainer, depending on her style, commonly uses food treats during dog training to encourage her canine students. Using food treats during dog training is a wonderful and efficient way to motivate a dog to try new behaviors. There are types of treats that are available stores today, but always use a treat that is healthy for your dog and one he finds irresistible. When using training treats, try to keep the size as small as possible, such as the size of a pea. During dog training sessions or classes, some dogs fill up on treats too quickly which decreases their interest level for participating the dog training exercises. It is recommended that you have a variety of treats your bait bag because you never know which one encourage the desired behavior a highly-distractible situation. Using dog training treats during the learning phase of a new behavior usually dramatically increase your chances of success. Once a dog understands the desired behavior, you can fade out the dog training treats over a slow period of time. If, at any time, the dog becomes confused or frustrated, you can always reintroduce a favorite treat to reignite the dog's interest the dog training session. Kong! The of Toys 2006 The Kong is one of today's most recognizable dog training toys on the market. It not only acts as a great toy that bounces unpredictably when dropped, but is also a great way to keep your pooch occupied. It also is a helpful dog training tool, especially for housebreaking and inappropriate chewing. The Kong has a hollow center that allows owner to stuff it with any treats the dog finds delicious, such as peanut butter, hard biscuits, or cheese. Many dogs spend hours licking and playing with the Kong trying to get at the yummy contents. Your professional animal trainer is very familiar with the Kong and has probably used it past dog training sessions. Kongs are available two different natural rubber formulas to meet a dog's chewing needs. The Red Kong is made for average chewers and comes variety of sizes The Black Kong is made of extra thick rubber, which is designed for tenacious chewers, and available two sizes There are different types and shapes of Kongs available most pet stores for all types of dogs. Ask your dog trainer for assistance picking out the appropriate size for your dog. Please note that dogs should always be supervised when using Kongs until the owner is confident they can be used safely when not home. Chew Toys December 2007 Rawhide Dog owners often be challenged when it comes to solving their dogs' chewing habits. Most likely, the moment their first pair of $200 shoes is destroyed, they frantically call their Certified Dog Trainer for suggestions and immediate help. Your trainer, addition to providing other training advice meant specifically for chewing problems, most likely advise you to find alternate item meant specifically for the dog to chew on. Redirecting a dog's attention is essential aspect of dog training that requires careful consideration and educated decisions. One type of dog chew to consider is compressed rawhide bones. Rawhides are made of bovine or swine hides which have been dried and processed into various shapes and sizes. As the name suggests, compressed chews are processed hides that have been tightly compressed into different shapes and often have added flavoring such as garlic, beef, or cheese for additional appeal. Some compressed rawhides have a knot tied on each end. A well-made rawhide should have some flexibility when twisted