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To jak nie zmienili ogranicza się do roamingu, być może males immediately stopped their precocious, rampant sexuality, killing and violence. The conclusion drawn on 60 Minutes was that we had no idea that the social system of the elephants was complex, interconnected, and elegant. And it goes. Daddies do matter, even elephants. Sollee, And, apparently it works both ways: Our experience with nearly 4 court-ordered clients suggests that when fathers are more involved the lives of their children, they are unlikely to hurt any woman. While developing our intervention for domestic violence, we took a group of men all of whom had at least two children from previous relationships and who were court-ordered for abuse of their current partners. As is too often the case with fathers, none of these guys had a relationship with his children. We gave them a brief course called Compassionate Parenting which raised their awareness of the emotional worlds of their children, particularly their need to have fathers who cared about them and looked out for them. Without direct intervention for domestic violence, these men got more involved the lives of their children and completely stopped abuse of their current partners. Compassionate Parenting is now a crucial part of our domestic violence programs. Stosny, com Crime goes up when the sense of community goes down. People feel disconnected. Stosny, com It is instructive that 87 percent of those incarcerated American prisons either 't know who their father is or have not had any contact with their fathers years. Herbert London, Institute Involved, responsible and committed fathering, like real estate, is about location, location, location. A healthy marriage to the mother of one's children has a way of making sure a father is the location where his kids desperately need him most their home. National Fatherhood Initiative Healthy marriages are the best way to protect children from abuse. Mississippi YMCA A woman online group was being very negative about her husband and the group leader told her to try to think of some positives, even if it were difficult. This is what she came up with. I thought it was touching. I just wanted you to it. H was very helpful the kitchen. He usually got home from work around 3 PM, and he usually made dinner for the family. I 't get home until around 5 PM. He did all the yard work, took care of all car maintenance, always called me if he was going to be late, instilled complete trust, did the lion's share of paying because I hate to write due to carpal tunnel syndrome, balanced the checkbook, fixed the toilet when it would break painted the outside of the house. He usually remembered to put the toilet seat and lid down. He vacuumed occasionally. He spent lots of time with the kids. He bought advent calendars with chocolate behind each day for the kids every Christmas season. He laughed and joked a lot, and didn't like to be serious. He told me when I looked good. He learned to enjoy horses because our girls and I loved to ride. He was willing to try new dishes I prepared. He loved lasagna. He went to church with the family every Sunday, even though he had trouble staying awake during preaching. Although he doesn't like classical music, he went to almost every concert our daughters played when they were youth symphony He held hand through 3 labors and deliveries, and whispered ear to encourage me. He lovingly dressed open wound for me after surgery for a breast abscess after the birth of our 3rd. Four years later, he stood beside bed as I was being wheeled to surgery to remove a breast due to cancer, and tears filled his eyes as they did mine. That was 1989. He walked the floor for