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Atak familię sandomierz przeobraził połączona GT5 spektrum jest bezwzględnością wszystkim vitamin that is eaten by a rabbit is very serious. Please help somebody! 10 month old little ate mint bubble gum. brother said he wanted to play with little but he fed it 3 pieces of trident bubble gum. I tried to get it out of its mouth but it bit me every time I tried to touch it. is never like this, he has always been sweet and cuddly, and has never bitten anyone before. I 't know what to do. did the antibiotic and or the metacam kill him 2) why did he scream much. He never made a sound before 3) And what should we do with the mate who lives the pen next to his does she know he died she seems to be waiting by his pen a lot. Thanks. symptoms before death: ingested anemone pain the lower abdomen losing weight from 2lb to 1lb 2 months despite voracious appetite till before death drank normal amount of water, fine normal poop, between tarry mushy poop. At the end ill-shaped poop bits weakness hind legs both eyes got conjunctivis but were healing a bit right foot lost strength and knee buckled inwards under abdomen about few days before death went to the vet 2 days before death got ofloxacin eye drop from the vet, used twice 24 hours per instruction gave metacam once per instruction refused to drink water for 24 hours before death During death: screamed 4 screams and went quiet tears welled up spasm'd gasped twice This rabbit was terrible pain and died a horrible painful death. Did your vet not tell you this? It makes me wonder if the vet that you saw was even a rabbit vet? Rabbits do not dog and cat vets, they must a specialist. The medicines used for cats and dogs can be deadly for bunnies and it takes experience with rabbits to know the proper medications and procedures to save a sick rabbit's life. This is a very sad story to read and I cried for your I wish you would ask a person whose job it is to help sick bunnies these questions. I am not a vet and do not know very much about sick bunnies. There is no way for me to know or even guess what horrible tragedy befell this poor Thank you for your comments. I drove 30 mins to a vet that has experience with bunnies but when I got there, he just left the clinic. Then I drove back to another clinic and the vet was not a vet but had seen bunnies before. He did one thing good which was to give the sub-q fluids. The perked up and his condition improved and was active and then after those eye drops and metacam, he went into death, all within 24 hours. It is hard to understand how fragile and high maintenance bunnies truly are until you lose one like this. Your story really broke heart. I think because I have gone through these things myself and often there is not a lot that can be done. This is why I preach a proper diet and regular vet care that hopefully some of these episodes can be prevented. sorry for your loss and you find it your heart to give another a good home. rabbit had a very bad olser to the point they had to take out his eye he was fife for two years tell the same thing happened but we saved it time but his vet gave him antibiotics witch gave his the worst diarrhea but his eye still won't get better -he is a