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Pojedynkę jest gładsza gra i dlatego obraz coś kojarzy pogawędzić And I that does training with the dogs on the walks and lets me know what I need to work on with Bean. She's also incredibly flexible I've sprung last-minute walk requests on her and she's never said no. Really, really appreciate what she does for Bean. part thanks to I have career as a dog Four years ago, she was one of the two certified pet dog trainers who took me along on her walks and taught me skills reading dog body language, pack management, timing of rewards pretty much advanced level stuff that apprenticing to just a dog would not have given me. I watched her build up training with dogs of every age and training level, from puppies to seniors. She is committed to positive methods and always turning learning into fun for her students, both dog and human. I've also seen her lead classes with dog owners and she is always able to break down complicated concepts into steps easy for even beginning dog owners to follow. I can't tell you how people left her classes showering her with compliments. Rock on and her crew are excellent. puppy Lily loves her walks. She returns happy and tired from her fun outside adventures with the other dogs. I highly recommend R+Dog. is very positive and respectful. I am happy I found I have a yorkie she was good with him. She makes it look easy gave me excellent training tips advice. I plan on working with her more. She is definitely the trainer to call! two beloved pups and I have also been clients of 's since well before she started R+Dog. has been our teacher trainer group settings, one-on-one sessions, on off-leash park trips and she has become our pet sitter. A few years ago while pups were on off-leash park trip with a well-known, local dog services company, the person leading the trip lost dogs. was called, she dropped what she was doing and drove to the scene, determined exactly where the dogs would be, retrieved them and brought them back safely. Since that time dogs have only been the care of or someone has designated as safe and capable. is kind and endlessly patient gentle yet firm; always professional while friendly and accessible; possesses expert knowledge and she is absolutely reliable. is our trusted friend and advisor. dogs and I recommend her unconditionally. C. I have been a client of 's and working with her. first experience was at a recall class where she taught me how to get new rescue dog to come. It was such a great class that I felt comfortable having come to home and take Pebbles for daily hikes. Best decision. I completely trust not only with dog, but with the key to house. She would take Pebbles out to run, play and socialize with other dogs. She would also practice recall and general manners with her. She would give me feedback and even sent pictures and a video of Pebbles' good behavior on her walks. I would highly recommend to take care of your dog! If I could rate at R+Dog 6 stars, I would! She is simply the BEST dog trainer and out there! When I first got dog, I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing or how to train her. I hired a few other trainers but it wasn't until I met that things started to improve. was patient and helped train me as well as dog! Her positive reinforcement training methods goes to show how much she cares for animals and she explains things easily and clearly. She gave me lots of tips and advice on what to do when dog would guard treats or sticks from other dogs, when she wouldn't come when I called, as well as basic obedience training. comes whenever I call, she doesn't guard from other dogs and she stopped jumping up on people! I'm grateful to R+Dog for helping make dog wonderful and easy to manage! I can take anywhere and not worry about her misbehaving! Thanks to the training from Linzee is perfect every way her recall and doggy tricks! R+ dogs off-leash park trips always left her tired and happy when she came home! I would highly recommend her for all your doggy training needs and for those dogs who have a lot of energy, I recommend to have them trained for R+Dogs off-leash dog trips! is simply the best! She is very knowledgeable, but most importantly she cares about your dog. I adopted a big dog from a rescue that had no training. dog was found living on the streets and he acted like it. customized a training plan for dog and he is no longer the wild beast he used to be. He now sits, lays down when asked, no more jumping and he also comes when called. He is great with other dogs and everyone, including babies and small children. I highly recommend at R+Dog. When she says R dog's are family, she really means it! Wonderful experience! I attended her Basic Manners class and signed up for a few private sessions for leash